Monday, April 5, 2010

[ Holiday 4 ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Long time no see, huh..? Miss me, my dear? Well, I missed you too, my dear diary. =)
There's a lot to tell you but I'm afraid it will take us like
But it's okay, I'll just wanna share some of my stories, that happened lately and giving me lots of new experiences to my life.

First of all, and the newest thing is today is the day, I've been waiting for after leaving it behind for about 14 years. Today, I am at the sky and having back my memories when I was a little girl. Being in the air plane giving me nausea yet a very exciting moment. I can't stop staring out of the window till Abi had to tap me when the stewardess was giving muffins and drinks TWICE. lol.

I just love the speed when the air plane was speeding at the beginning. And when the plane turning aside, I just felt like I want to jump out of the window and having a free jump! hihi =P

And, I remembered of one of my dreamy life, to be married to a pilot. lol.
What a dream, such a kid. =P

By the way, my brother, Firdaus is considering to apply the pilot academy or something. My parents both are in joy and hoping he will get the chance for his life, insya-Allah. I pray for you, my dear brother. =)
P/s: Will you bring me up to the sky later? Plus, teach me how to control a plane would be the best. =D

Well, enough of the excitement. I was back at home for two days and two nights and I spent the whole time wandering around my home looking for nothing. lol.

The first night arrived, I spent my time relaxing and exploring new things as instance, my brother's, Na'im, three frogs (he loves to have weird pets: frogs, tortoise, etc) and staring at the new kittens (captive of the cage of One of them died with unknown reason leaving his twin and three others.
I O>V cats SO much...~

Abi, thanks so much for everything you've done. O Allah, please, please, please, take good care of Abi and Umi while I'm here. I promise I won't forget to pray for them each day. Amin.

Well then, hmm... ah yes. There's one more story, okay. And this one, will always be my treasure. =)

I attended a camp, under Pencak Silat UKM Club. It's held at some place in Hulu Langat, 1 hour from UKM. Overall, the camp is great. For me, it was held on the best timing for I really need some rest and out from my hectic life I've been through this semester. And seriusly, the camp had gained the objectives, for me.

Niza, me, Tiqa, Kak Aemy, and Awan.

Memory of Pencak Silat UKM Club 2010

Up for our aim, waterfall is waiting!!!

Here, I get to know more friends, and a little bit about themselves. I mean, more than before. And I guess, these are my friends, these are how their personalities are, and these are the people who accepts themselves truely. And guess what? I'm proud of having the chance to know them, and being their friends. =)

And also, I got one sweet memory at the camp. Won't tell you this one,'s a secret... =D
I think I'll just keep this in me, till the day I die. hihi.
All I could say is, "Now I know."

Well then, it's time to get up and live my life again. Do the best of me, and wait for the time to be home again for a very long time, I guess. But I got the feeling that my holiday, won't be that long. Just wait and see, my dear. Wait and see. (P/s: I really do believe in my intuation.) =)

Okay now, what ever it is, it's time to move on. Until we meet again, have a nice day to everyone.
Cheerio, darling. Cheerio!

Back to the game,
~ Creating Ideas, Developing Words ~
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