Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[ Today ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Date : June 26th
Event : Partial lunar eclipse
Time : Starting from 7.22pm to 10.20 pm
Place : Anywhere I can see the moon

Date : June 25th - July 5th
Event : Pesta Buku Selangor 2010
Time : 10 am - 9.30 pm
Place : PKNS Shah Alam

Wishing not to forget
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[ Marley & Me ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all
Last night, I watched a movie. A very beautiful movie. Marley & Me. Marley, the dog. Well, of course I don't like JA but I'll give an excuse for this one.

Even though their life didn't go as the plan but everything around them somehow seems like helping out. Marley is such a hyperactive dog but somehow, he did listen to Wilson. Wilson, he didn't have to scold Marley. All he says is,"Marley, stop it." No matter what Marley did, they just can't hate him. 'Cuz Marley is one of their family from the beginning.

You know, I cried when I watched how the story ends. I never thought that THAT is the end's gonna be. Marley, we're gonna miss you.

And..we're home
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

[ Yay..!! My 1st Rose..!! ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

All I wanna say is,"Yay...!!!! I did it..!!! I made my 1st rose..!!"

I'd just finished learning how to make an origami rose and I made it..!! Yay...!!

I tried to upload the pics of my rose bud origami but failed bcuz I need to reinstall the driver of my Bluetooth device. It's gonna take us sometime so I guess I'll upload the pics tomorrow, after finishing my installment.

This is the website I learn from. Hope you guys will enjoy learning it too. It's fun, ya know if you know something new for each of your day. So, that's it. Ciao!

Too happy too eager
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

[ So-called Vacation ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all relieved to be at home after the camp. I thought my vacation in Ipoh won't be cancelled but...well, we plan, Allah has the power, rite? =)

Attending a camp for protocol and etiquette for three days and two nights, isn't something to be regret after all. The place: Pulau Jerejak. That's why I didn't mind at all to cancel my vacation. =P

I've been there once, and it was something not to be forgotten. But, for the 2nd time, I would prefer to forget about it, maybe just a part of it, I guess. huhu...

Well, let me tell you the part I would LOVE to put it aside. I set my mind to go there as a participant but for the last minute (which I really hate), I had to fill up the blank as one of the responsible people for this camp... great, I've had to cancel my 2nd plan on vacation... being burden by  things around that turns out to be massively problemmo!

I hate last minute plans 'cuz it's hard for me to adapt twisted things. Gimme a break! I hate being so blur about what was happening and get scolded bcuz of not helping out. Ah, so great! You guys seems so busy doing all the things by yourself, and that makes me feel like, "Duh - you seems like you can handle it on your own. Still thinking that you're gonna need me over here..?"

Well you know what..? Next time, do NOT forget people when they are ALREADY being assigned to your organization in the 1st place and then, simply point out your "so powerful" finger saying, "You, come here. You are one of us." in a sudden. You know what I mean?

En serio, usted me hace enfermo!

Okay, enough of it. So know the thing is being told, and there's nothing more to remember. So, I guess, like Ordet and Derek's parents used to say, "This isn't my idea!"

Heh.. Now, the only thing I will keep about Pulau Jerejak is I've been there with sweet memories in 2007. =)

Coming back
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

..:[ Something to Think About ]:..

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

In a vacation isn't a factor of not being able to share my new knowledge. So, here I would like to share a post I read just now from this blog AKADEMI FISABILILLAH. All of the content is credited to the author. Thank you.

* * *

Siapakah Jodohku...

" Didiklah anak mu mengikut zaman anakmu, dan janganlah kamu didik anakmu mengikut zaman mu"

-Saidina Umar Al-Khattab-

Hmmm... termenung seketika apabila membaca ungkapan ini. Terlalu dalam maksudnya untuk dirungkai.... Ramai yang telah berani untuk membuat tafsiran sendiri berkenaan dengan ungkapan ini.

Contoh yang pertama ialah dalam soal hati dan perkahwinan. Zaman dahulu andai mahu berkahwin, calonnya dipilih keluarga... Tetapi sekarang, andai mahu berkahwin, mesti keluar dengan pakwe/makwe dulu, makan sama2, dan mesti 'test drive' dahulu... Dan apabila diterangkan berkenaan dengan maksud sebenar yang ingin disampaikan dalam ungkapan tersebut, mereka mempertahankan hujah membela budaya 'test drive' mereka..

"Kalau nak kahwin kena try dulu... kalau mantap baru boleh buat isteri... kalau tak mantap cari yang lain... Nak buat bini mesti kena pilih yang terbaik.."

>>>tak boleh macam tu... itu dah dikira maksiat... Berdosa!

"Alaa, stakat pegang tangan, raba-raba sikit takpe la,,, nanti dah tua aku bertaubatla"

>>> Kita tak tau bila kita akan mati, jadi sebaiknya kena buat persediaan dari sekarang... kalau tiba-tiba kau mati masa tengah peluk awek kau macam mane???

"Kau ingat aku tak pernah buat baik ke?? Sejahat aku pun, aku pernah buat baik jugak... Slalu tolong orang... Kucing aku pun aku bagi makan jugak tau.."

>>> Aku taula... tapi kan lebih baik andai kau tinggalkan kerja-kerja maksiat ni. Dah berapa ramai perempuan yang dah kau ada... Belum jumpa lagi??

"A'ah.. belum jumpa la bro... Dorang ni macam sial... macam-macam hal... ada yang jenis pisau cukur, kaki jantan,.. yang paling aku tak boleh blah, suka tanya aku kat mana, kononnya nak ambil berat kat aku, tapi padahal dok keluar dating dengan laki lain... Dorang ni tak boleh harap kalau nak jadi isteri"...

>>>Haaaa.... kau tau pun...

"Tau apa?"

>>> yelah, bukan ke kau pun main perempuan jugak???

"Tapi aku couple sorg je dalam satu masa... kalau kena tinggal atau aku tinggalkan sorang perempuan baru aku cari yang lain. Aku ni jenis yang setia... Tapi kalau aku dikhianati, aku tinggalkan je perempuan tu.. cari yang lain..."

>>> Sesungguhnya.... Perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik...
Beginilah senario yang berlaku dalam masyarakat hari ini. Mereka berbangga-bangga dengan makwe dan pakwe mereka...
Berdating sana sini menayangkan teman lelaki/wanita untuk menunjukkan mereka ni 'barang laku'....
"Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki-lelaki yang keji adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang keji. Dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik....."
(Surah An-Nur)
catatan penulis: Maaf andai entry pada kali ini nampak kurang berkualiti... Sebab nk rushing... and BZ....
Entry Berikutnya....:: DI MANAKAH KITA?

 Creating chances
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

[ On Vacation ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Well, I put On Vacation mode not because I am on a vacation but I'm away for maybe a week or two from my sort-of-otaku life to a place without my lappy by my side. And of course, I won't be able to online for quite some time. But, not all the time. I still can borrow my sis' lappy, of course. =P

By the way, I just wanna tell ya, I'm gonna miss ya n my dear Totoro. Hope Totoro will get better when I get back soon.

Okay now, need to get going. Ah, not to forget, I'm waiting for the time to check for my module next semester. Hoping it won't be something I do NOT prefer to study.

So, I guess it's the time now. See ya in about two or three days later.
Cheerio, darling. Cheerio! (It's a quote of Cruella DeVil in 101 Dalmation animated - a never to be forgotten cartoon) 

 On otaku vacation
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Friday, June 11, 2010

[ Headache ... What...? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

I thought so, it's in the gen and today, I got the confirmation. My headache, all this time is in the blood. It's called Sinus Headache. Well, sort of killing me day by day but I think I still can live with it for another 40 or 50 years (if I'm still alive). =P

I read about the headache in this article and it's creepin' me out (click here). Hope it won't be that serious.
And hoping it won't be a burden to my bucket list. =)

 All new lifestyle
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[ Bye, I gUess ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Well, gladly I have something to tell ya after being a bit quiet lately. Just now, I'd just deactivate my Facebook account. Why? 'Cuz I just want to. lol. There's no specific reason so I guess, why not? Just do it if I want to, ryte? =P

Well, there're things happening around but I guess I'll just keep it in me 'cuz it seems like...well...erm..just cut short, I don't have trust anymore to share my stories with others, no offense but it's true. 

These three days, I've been surfing the net and found couple of beautiful songs like Love and Truth

Setiap Kali by Devotees
and some more. These are such a lovely songs. Enjoy it. =)

At this kind of time, I'd rather having fun watching my favourite movie, LOTR and any anime. But then, I remembered I need to start memorizing those Arabic words and phrases before the next sem starts. Geez. Why did I always got stuck in this thing. What--everrr.....

Not feelin myself,
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Azizah Najib invites you to


Azizah Najib invites you to

To check out this invitation, follow the link below:

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