Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[ You May Judge the Book ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Well, I told you in my profile that I love to write aka type because in my head, there's a lot of things wandering around and trying to find the way out but because of my weakness, tend to forget things easily, those ideas are captured in here. But now, I don't wanna keep it in here. I wanna write and I will try my best to express what's in my head about that phrase, "You may judge the book".

This phrase came across me two days ago when I'm on my way back from KPA III. Mostly, people hold to this phrase,"Do not judge a book by it's cover," right? Well, I admit that I'm one of them. From the day I heard about this phrase, and understand what it means, I hold it in as one of my stand.

But then, two days ago, I realize it was wrong. Please don't be too eager to be angry with my statement. This is my opinion and I'm free to express it in my way. And it is your choice rather to take it or just put it aside. =)

The point starts with as a human being, we can't stop our desire to predict and guess of a person, right? Each time we see or meet anyone, the first impression is important. That particular part, first impression, it IS means people WILL judge you no matter what. And, you need to be very careful so that no one will think of you  negatively, right?

So, that's it. All I wanna say is:
You MAY judge a book by it's cover BUT you shall not PUNISH the book based on your knowledge.

Well, I have no time to explain right now, so I hope most of you can still understand what I'm trying to say here. Insya-Allah I'll try my best to elaborate more on this topic. Until we meet again, adios amigos!

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