Saturday, October 31, 2009

[ Now I Remember . . . ]

With Allah's Love
Assalamu'alykum to all...

Today, I got the chance to have my breakfast peacefully without any rushing like everyday I used to.
And today, I feel like I know something familiar with this.

The smell of the air after the rain
The sounds of the birds and other world companions
The silence from the hectic voices
The taste of nasi lemak
Eaten with a nice cup of hot Milo

Ah... Now I remember...I'm sure I knew it!
It was the same feeling like at grandma's house!

Now I remember...
My favourite time at grandma's
Living far away from the concrete jungle
Away from alien voices
But accompanied by friendly nature
That has neither bias nor hatred

Now I remember...
Having breakfast with all the peacefulness
Only nice voices and laughs were around
Moms talking to her children
Fathers chatting of the routes and plans
Teens joking with mouthful of food

Now I remember...
For so long I didn't return
Meet and greet grandma and grandpa
For so long I didn't sit on that chair
Eat and share with grandma and grandpa
For so long I didn't walk on that ground
Running and laughing with cousins
Away from angry grandma and grandpa
Like we used to...

Now I remember...

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[ How Sad To Know ]

With Allah's Love
Assalamu'alykum to all

This morning, I was wearing my hijab when I heard a news from the radio.
At that time, usually will be having discussions about recent news for that day.
It was about some pupils, young children I'm talking about right now, fell into a river in Perak.

I didn't get the news fully because I was too busy preparing myself to go for a morn jog.
I can't stop thinking about those children and their parents especially
when JKR didn't want to take the responsibilities upon this case.

How could they say that . . ?

Parents lost their beloved children,
lil girls and boys lost their dearest playtime friends in front of their eyes,
teachers lost their most beloved cute lil pupils.

How could they just say that . . ?

I tried to search for the news but I can't find more than this one.

When I was at the stadium, on my own, jogging and stretching,
I saw a father, walking along the track watching out on his son.
A very lil cute one.
He tried his best to be on that lil boy's side.

When they were leaving the stadium,
I saw him lifting up that boy and put him upon his arms.
He wrapped his son tightly to his chest as if he didn't want to let go of him.

How loving moment I saw between those two. . .

And I can't stop thinking of those who had lost their children in that case.
And I can't stop thinking of the cruelty in those hearts who were easily letting go of what they had done,
causing the death of those lil innocent children,
who were excited to see the beauty of this world,
created by Allah for His humble servants,
leaving behind the sadness to their parents,
who didn't have enough time to share their love with . . .

People can easily say,
"It was their destiny, their fate and it was the time for them to go."
"You can't blame the fate for what had happened."

But, can't you stop for awhile and think.
At least please don't say,
"It wasn't our fault. We won't take any responsibilities for this case.
Those children were to be blame for the jumping on the hanging bridge."

Oh my God . . !
How could you say those words after all that happened . . .
How cold your heart to throw out those words after you 'took' those lives . . .
How could you . . .
How could you . . .


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[ Oh My God..! ]


I was in a discussion when I received an SMS from a friend asking whether I know a guy name Muhammad Sabhi Abdul Razak.

I replied, "Of course! He's one of my former friends. Why?"

Then he said, "I saw he's pic in a newspaper, NST. Try to search it."

Knowing bout it, I dashed to Unikeb Bookstore and buy the newspaper. It is true! OMG!

B-hi's story is in it and I'm holding it right now. [LOL]

Sabhi's column in Skor, NST, Wednesday, October 21, 2009.
[ Page 15 ]

Go b-hi! Go b-hi! I salute you for your success in getting into newspapers. [ LOL ]

To my other friends, please do wish him your congrats wishes. And to you, Sabhi, ganbatte-neh in your life out there. [ ^^ ]


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Monday, October 19, 2009

[ Jadual Perbincangan ]


To all, this is the timetable for our becoming discussion, insya-Allah.

For your information, these discussions are NOT just for
Pengajian Dakwah & Kepimpinan
First Year students.

These discussions are open to all who would like to join in.
Marhaban bikum, ya ikhwani.

Venue : Digital Library, Kolej Pendeta Za'ba
Time : According to the timetable

*Please bring along your notebook/laptop [if you have] to make our discussion more effective.

Insya-Allah, we'll try our best to conduct these discussion successfully.

Hope all of you can contribute and share the knowledge together. Thank you.


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

[ My Faraway Friend ]


For this weekend, I'm living alone without both my room mate and best friend in UKM. How bored I am today after coming back from Mr Zafri's open house.

He knows my suffering that He sent me two person to accompany me today. It's Wani [FPI] who accompany me accidentally for dinner with her UPSI member and Yuni, my best friend who's already in UK.

Yuni and I YM!ing this eve and she sent me some of her photos in UK. I was so glad looking at her pics. How I miss you so much, Yuni. Do your best, ganbatte-neh!

These are some of her pics I want to share. She looks more beautiful and matured than before. [^^]

Nur Ayuni Rahayu Ibrahim a.k.a. Yuni

Happy face as usual you have.

Candid or posing. . ?

What a picturesque view, right?

With her new friends over there.
[Be good with her, will ya?]

Back from shopping, girls?

Well, I think that's enough for me to share some of her pictures. I'm so excited looking at her pics because it wasn't easy for her to take pictures before plus give a smile for a pic but in these, she did give her sweet smile. [^^]

Yuni, ganbatte-neh! Be a good girl over there and don't forget to smile more and more everyday, my dear. [^^]

P/s: Send my warmest regards to your friends.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

..:[ Kelas Terakhir Maharat 2 ]:..

Dengan nama Tuhanku...

Azmanira, Jumiza, Azizah and Yusmasayu present.

Masa ni pun dah agak lewat. So, tak semua group dapat present.
Yang lain ustazah minta buat sendiri. Tak pe lah, ustazah.
Kitorang okay je. Ustazah dah tolong banyak dah...^^

Semua khusyuk menyalin makna.

Ustazah Norliza Erhan

Seronoknye dapat bergambar dengan ustazah.

Kenangan yang terindah.
[Ustazah Norliza, Azizah, Yusmasayu, Sauffah]

Di sinilah titik perpisahan kita
Seperti yang telah dijanjikan-Nya
Setiap yang bertemu kan berpisah jua
"Kami ciptakan kamu pelbagai rupa
Berkenal-kenalan lah pabila bersua"
Jasa mu guru tidak ku lupa
Moga hidupmu diiringi rahmat dan kasih-Nya.


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Friday, October 16, 2009

..:[ Kelas Terakhir Maharat ]:..


Hmm.. Dah lama rasanya Cleo tak posting di sini. Well, hari ni cuma nak kongsi gambar-gambar yg diambil bersama Tutor Kelas Maharat Cleo untuk Sem 1 di UKM.

Tutor ni, Cleo rasa yang paling best la. [^^]
Usth Norliza Erhan. Dulu degree di UIA, sekarang sambung Master in UKM.

Ustazah, I love you! Thanks for being a very good and dedicated tutor to all of us. May Allah helps you always, ustazah...!  [^^]

Ni masa tengah menunggu ustazah datang.

Ni Maharat classmates. All from Dakwah except one, Usuluddin.
[Agak tak clear, tangan bergerak time snap.]

Hanya lima jejaka dalam kelas ni. Semuanya okay, baik-baik belaka.
Bukan yang jenis buat hal.
[Majoriti orang Utara la.]

Dah penat menunggu...tapi belum penat posing..ahax..

Ustazah dah datang dah time ni.
Sauffah and Qumaini present dulu.

Ada lagi gambar nak share, tapi tunggu ye... Cleo nak lari ke kelas pulak ni.. [^^]
Jauh nun di KTAMS. Tak pernah pergi lagi ni. Takut jugak lambat.
Tersilap naik bas kang sesat lak..ahax..

Tunggu ye sambungan seterusnya...
..:[ Insya-Allah ]:..


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[Beza 5 Mata..?!]


Well, as you all know, the debate had already finished two days ago. But last night was the day all of us received our prize.

When the annoncement made, most of us, the first year students of course when I mention 'us' were surprised to know, the different of points collected by both team were only five!

Well, for me, who had never been too serious in debate like this before, it IS quit a surprising to know. I don't know maybe out there, people might say the opposite way. But, who cares? [My fav words]

Me and my new 'friends'.

Well, at least I felt the satisfaction of that night little-arguement. ^^
I'll try my best next time if I'm in the team once again. Insya-Allah.

And once again, thanx for all who helped me all this through. And plus, thanx a lot to the camera-girl. ^^


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[ Debat yg Kurang Hebat ]

Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim

Assalamu'alykum to all....

Okay, I've been so quiet lately from blogging world but now I'm back. There're tones of tense happend last passed days, that's why I don't have the mood to write anything. If not, the result will make some of people around me hurt when they read it. I don't want that to happen as I don't want them to feel what I'd felt.

Forget about it. Now let's get to the point please, shall we...?

I had just return from FPI building. I had a debate to be participated. Geez. I don't know how to describe the tense faced by us, me and my friends from first year students days before the competition. Oh God... He's the only one knows.

We tried our best to ignore that thing but were being forced to death. Luckily I still have my 'head' ahead. Geez. Alhamdulillah Allah still with me.

I asked one of my college mate to help and he did helped me a lot by asking his friend to help me out. Oh God, I don't know what to say to both of them except to scream this out loud, "Guys! Thanks a lot!" [lol]

My team mates keep reminding each of us to just think of letting this thing go as soon as possible, not to think of winning the 'game'. Both of you, millions of thanks also I want to give.

Of course, we aren't the winner but still, all of us satisfied with our performances. Good job, guys!  ^^
[ Ah, fyi, my team mates are guys, I'm the only girl in that group. ]

But still, I'm not satisfied because I didn't have the chance to argue the 'enemies' points. Geez, can't satisfied when I wasn't allow to give a piece of my mind. [lol]

And now, I need to focus on my memorising skills. I have Syafawi exam tomorrow. I hope it'll be the greatest of all time after all I've been through. Amin. [ O Allah, do help me a lot tomorrow. I need Your help, mi Lord. ]

This is the namelist of those people who help me out to solve the debate prob. Guys and girls, thousands of thanks I give to all of you...!!

My Mom
Atikah (FPI)
Izat (FSSK)
Awan (FSSK)
Ari (FPI)
Fadhlan (FPI)
Ayu (FSSK)
Hawa (FPI)
Wani (FPI)
Kak Ayu (FPI)
Kak Wani Ikoh (FPI)
Kak Ima (FPI)

Roses for all of you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.


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[ iPetitions ] . . . ?


While trying to search for emails I needed for my task, someone from YM! send me a web address.

Please, for those who still love Islam, do take a look at this web. ^^

May Allah be with us.


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

[ Gempa di Indonesia ]


Checking my mails just now, I read this email, forwarded by my cousin, from her friend.

Please, take note of it. You might want to be more alert from now on.

From:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  [mailto:_ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 12:01 PM

To: undisclosed-recipients

Subject: FW: Waktu gempa sama dgn ayat & surah dlm Quran...masyaAllah


Allahummasolli'alamuhammad wa'alaalimuhammad

Salamun 'alaikum

Gempa di Padang jam 17.16, gempa susulan 17.58, esoknya gempa di Jambi jam 8.52. Coba lihat Al-Quran! demikian bunyi pesan singkat yang beredar. Siapa pun yang membuka Al-Qur?an dengan tuntunan pesan singkat tersebut akan merasa kecil di hadapan Allah Swt. Demikian ayatayat Allah Swt tersebut:

17.16 (QS. Al Israa ayat 16): Dan jika Kami hendak membinasakan suatu negeri, maka Kami perintahkan kepada orang-orang yang hidup mewah di negeri itu (supaya mentaati Allah) tetapi mereka melakukan kedurhakaan dalam negeri itu, maka sudah sepantasnya berlaku terhadapnya perkataan (ketentuan Kami), kemudian Kami hancurkan negeri itu sehancur-hancurnya.?

17.58 (QS. Al Israa ayat 58): Tak ada suatu negeri pun (yang durhaka penduduknya), melainkan Kami membinasakannya sebelum hari kiamat atau Kami azab (penduduknya) dengan azab yang sangat keras. Yang demikian itu telah tertulis di dalam kitab (Lauh Mahfuz).?

8.52 (QS. Al Anfaal: 52): (Keadaan mereka) serupa dengan keadaan Fir?aun dan pengikut-pengikutnya serta orang-orang sebelumnya. Mereka mengingkari ayat-ayat Allah, maka Allah menyiksa mereka disebabkan disebabkan dosa-dosanya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuat lagi Amat Keras siksaan-Nya.?

Tiga ayat Allah Swt di atas, yang ditunjukkan tepat dalam waktu kejadian tiga gempa kemarin di Sumatera, berbicara mengenai azab Allah berupa kehancuran dan kematian, dan kaitannya dengan hidup bermewah-mewah dan kedurhakaan, dan juga dengan keadaan Fir?aun dan pengikut-pengikutnya. Ini tentu sangat menarik.

sumber; eramuslim

iyyakanaqbudu waiyyakanasta'in



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Monday, October 5, 2009

[ My Beloved Siblings ]

Assalamu'alykum to all...

Tonight, I'd become an unqualified ICT lec for my college mate. [lol] But that's not the point I'm writting this post actually.

While I'm helping her out, I'm trying to reorganise my folders. Then I saw a very dearly picture that I wish it will stay like that forever.

The picture of me and my siblings on Eid al-Fitri morn this year.

How beautiful this picture looks to me. Not just that, it looks harmony and I really love looking at this picture.

Except looking at me who look older than my two sisters. [Geez]

Starting from the one with spectacles and clock wise, that's my second older sister [Na'imah], me ['Azizah], my oldest sister ['Afifah], my youngest brother [Na'im] and beside him my younger brother [Firdaus].

I just lost my spectacles right before eid, that's why I didn't wear it in this year's pic. How I love to look at this picture so much. ^^

'Afifah, we love talking about fashion and shopping. [lol]

Na'imah, we always share our jokes and experience in our varsity life also blogging. [^^]

Firdaus, sharing about friends and foes, electronics, computing and mechanical things, also religious and studies are our conversations daily.

Na'im, we have lots of common. [ Sharing is loving. ] We love comics, Prison Break and gaming. Armies, guns, self-defence and survival, would be our choices of main topic.

Dearies, you are my only love. The main between us is, we share every single new things in our life together when we talk to each other. That's the best moments when all of us are gathering under one roof.

O Allah, please listen to my pray.

O Allah, do take good care of all of my siblings. Do help them to be better and better every day as Your humble servants, my Lord.

O Allah, please don't take any of them before I have the chance to make them as a happy as they could living in this world and prepare for the after day.


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