Saturday, May 1, 2010

[ Sakit Tapi Puas ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

1st of all, I wanna wish my bro, M. Firdaus As'ad for his great news. I'd just got the sms from Umi, telling me that he got Engineering in Computer Science in UIA...!! Oh my God! Alhamdulillah.... Gratz, bro... Gratz..!! I'm really happy for you... If your heart want it, then go and strive for it, don't look back and hesitate, just go bro...! =)

And 2ndly, it's about my life as usual. I'm sure you missed me so much right, my dear diary..? Well, I missed you too.. =)

Lately, I've got the chance to join in the training for silat. Of course, it's for the MASUM athletes but I don't care, 'cuz I wanna spend my time with my deary friends and get the chance to make myself better and better in silat. There's nothing wrong right? =)

Well, for me, these three nights are the best training so far. Of course, it's driving me nuts when the couch, Abang Man, push us a bit with his routine but it's fine with me. Exhausted and gained pain but it's great! Why? Because I got the chance to follow the training like those Olahraga athletes used to.

I still remember the first moment I joined this community. My eyes were fixed towards this part (Olahraga) actually. Well, of course, I love to watch my seniors practicing in Silat Seni. =) 

Back there, I joined Tae Kwon Do because in my school, girls are not allowed to join Silat Club. But when I came here, I got the chance to join this community and my interest was automatically in this part. But I don't know why and how, I got into Silat Seni. I know, I'm nothing compared to my friends in this field. I have nothing in my head about persilatan like all of them. They're in this since a kid, but me..? This is just new to me. Seni...? What's that in me...? I can't even remember the steps they teach me unless I was given bit by bit like my session with Nadrah that night. (Thanks a lot Nadrah) And that will just waste their time teaching me, I think. I'll be just a pest getting into their line...huhu...

Whatever it is, no matter how painful it is, I'm so happy tonight. I know, I can't fight the others but at least, I ought to know how to fight, the one thing I really want to learn long ago. Thanks to Allah who lets Abang Man giving me the opportunity to be part of it tonight. Alhamdulillah. =)

Well, it's getting late and I wanna start my journey in drama marathon. LOL.
See ya!

Cheerio, darling! Cheerio!

Happy happy
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