Thursday, May 27, 2010

[ Bila Ego Dikata Kredibiliti ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

As you know, my dear, I'm in the family of UKM's Pencak Silat Club for almost a year now. And today, I'm here, in UKM to support my brothers and sisters in their performances. All I can say for now is, the h*** with those wasit! What's all this? Okay, fine. Of course, you can say that I'll make sure my brothers and sisters win the game but can't you at least tell the truth? How can you be so blind when you can walk without hitting the wall or get into the drain cuz of your so GOOD eyesight?

They said it's for the Wasit's credibility. Geez, tell me again the meaning of that word. Define it right now, and try to say that phrase AGAIN. Geez.

Maaf, I'm sorry, my dear but I just can't keep this one in me for long. Amende la diorang nie. Geram, panas hati tol tengok game sepanjang ni. Bukan setakat satu game, dah dua kali, setakat yang I tengok lah. Geram tol. Kalo dah tau diri tu dah tua, dekat pon dah tak nampak, turun je lah. Tak payah la nak jadi penyumbang ke arah menyakitkan hati orang ramay, ye. Sorry to say but it's the truth, rite? So why not you just back off! Geez.

Bagi saya, itu bukan lah kredibiliti bila depan mata orang ramai you tak boleh nak mengaku kesilapan you sendiri. Kalo you bijak, you tak kan sesenang hati je letak keputusan kalo you sendiri tak pasti dengan keputusan yang perlu. Geez. Back off! You make me sick! That's not what people call CREDIBILITY, it's called EGOISTIC! You got me? That's ego! Geez. How come someone at your age didn't know how to be fair? Didn't you know the rules of being trustworthy? If you didn't, then you are the worst Wasit in this world.

For those players who won accidentally, I really hope you'll try your best to WIN the next game ON YOUR OWN. Want something, claim it with your bare hand. Then, you are qualified to be the warrior or something you wanna call it.

Panas tul tengok game cam tu. Hangat hati aih. Bukannya menambah semangat, menambah geram kat wasit ade la. I yang baru join in silat tak sampai setahun pun tak de sejahil tu, sebuta tu. Ey...nyampah tol..! Hey, jangan sampai orang tuduh you all macam-macam lak. Tu baru betol hilang kredibiliti. Pe barang ntah.

Too little too hot,
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