Sunday, September 2, 2012

[ Still My Dearest Friend ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum my dear

To my dearest friend
Selamat pengantin baru
Doaku untukmu
Moga Allah lindungi keluargamu dari syaitan yg direjam
Moga Allah berkati pelayaran bahteramu
Moga Allah redhai perjalanan hidupmu
Moga Allah limpahkan rezeki untukmu

Well, sebak jugak sebenarnya. huhu. Walaupun dah lama tau yang he wants to get married, still rasa cam sedey la jugak. Pasni lagi susa la contact, merepek meraban cam dulu. Keje gile tu, kang tak pasal orang kata kita kacau husband orang. Na'uzubillah, tak mo!

I hope you'll be happy, dear. And I still hope that our friendship will never end even if we won't be able to contact each other later. "Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro." Whoever finds a friend, find a treasure. Yeah, I found one, a very valuable treasure. I know, we always fight, misunderstand each other, getting and making one of us hurt, heartache and what so ever. And some said, we might mistaken each other, can't define between a friend and colleague. No matter how many times those words kept coming to my head, I just can't take it and consume it. Because he is, my dearest friend. No one had ever been like him, had never did what he did. Had never had memories with me like we did.

There's quote:
"You know, back when Guido and Luigi used to work for me, they would fight over everything. They fight over what Ferrari was the best Ferrari, which one of them looked more like a Ferrari. There were even some non-Ferrari types, so I tell them, 'Va bene (Italian for 'It's okay'), it's okay to fight. Everybody fights now and then, especially best friends. But you got to make up fast. No fight more important than friendship.'"

This one is from Cars 2 by Uncle Topolino. I just watched it last night, had never watch it before. This one, really had me. Yeah, so what if we fought and hurt each other before. It hurts, still hurts but so what? It can never kills.

So, my dearest friend, have a nice trip in your life dear. Value each moment and be tough, I know you won't give up on this. I hope your marriage will last forever, till jannah. Aamiin.

My dearest friend, Afiq ~

Will gonna miss you
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