Thursday, November 27, 2014

[ KIL - Twice ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum, my dear

So, the movie time for today is KIL. Boleh percaya tak, this is the 2nd time I watch it. haha. To be honest, KIL is the top on my malay movies. Macam ada banyak pulak kan. Tapi, ya, okay lah. There's KIL, then Kampung Semarah Padi, Puteri Gunung Ledang.. and tentulah filem-filem Tan Sri P.Ramlee. Yang lain? Can't even remember the name. Sorry. haha.

Suka lakonan dua orang ni. Tak kaku, and berjaya buat kita percaya they're not pretending menyelami watak.

Hmmm. Watching KIL gives me time to ponder. Well, I think I won't let the problems to be the reason I fail this time. I know, it's gonna be kinda lonely from now on. Walaupun sebenarnya dah lama got the feeling, cuma refused to admit it. Well, mainly because it's hard for me to let go. Because... I thought.. well.. I thought we're meant to be together. Friends, for ever, I guess. Tapi, tak apa lah. Masing-masing dah dewasa. Bukan nak say goodbye, tapi sekarang I need to be more focus on my life. Bukan cuba to be selfish, I already am. As much as I see, you are already a step ahead. And didn't even look back.

So... yeah. Cool. It's been awhile, trying to show them how much I appreciate them to be in my life. But then, yeah. We live in a different world, I guess. So, it's okay. Even if I can't understand 'em, I have to respect their choice. So... yeah, whatever. All I need to do is husnuzhan, like she said. (Dear, thanks for your advise. I love you.)

Okay, now I realised how selfish I am. Tamak betul. Dah ada sikit, nak lagi banyak. Aduhai ~~

Eh kalaulah LAB tu betul-betul wujud, I think I wanna try and join 'em. Quite an interesting view of life, an interesting way in making ourselves useful. Might help us to be more... bersyukur dengan ketentuan Allah untuk kita.. rather than tak habis-habis being selfish, like Zara said to Akil.

So, now.. we're gonna make another step ahead. Ganbatteneh!

P/s: I've chosen you over myself, repeatedly. Before.

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