Thursday, January 6, 2011

[ Moon...Healing....Escalation...!! ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to my dear

Today, or shall I say yesterday? Well, it doesn't matter, right? =)
Today is a great day. Today is an unpleasant day. Which one? Don't say a word about it, just keep reading okay? =)

In the morning, went to the lab. Try to be early, and managed to be there 15 minutes early. Yay! to me =)
Then, after waiting for about an hour, went to the shooting area with all of group members. Without planning anything except a little bit discussion on our storyboard, we came out with the list.





As simple as that, we started our shooting about the road safety or something like that. It was a very very hot day and I can't manage to cop with it. At one time, I'm in the air-conditioned room, then back at the surely hot atmosphere, then in the car, back to hot air and like that for almost two hours. Well, I didn't count in the time I went out for extra tasks, duh...

The rapid changing, really gave big impact to me plus with the non-stop working hours lately, living in a restless life like others. Then, like I used to be, it started. Running nose, non-stop sneezing, tears in my eyes, and minor headaches.

After shooting, we did some editing and of course, I was the one who need to choose and put the slots in the right order so that it will be the same as the storyline. And it was a very enjoying task (for me) although it was really tiring with all of the conditions.

Somehow, we did feel grateful and appreciate our 2nd production this year. Alhamdulillah, this is our short video.

Our first product this semester. More to come, insya-Allah.

On the way home, my car almost hit the sideways because of the non-stop sneezing. Alhamdulillah I still have the chance to be alive. Thank God.

Well, surely exhausting day. Went back from the lab at 5 pm, I went straight to my room, settle some chores, and had a short chat with my room mate before closing my eyes, unintentionally.

Seriously, I had a very long sleep (a bit like sleeping beauty I guess). I didn't even hear my phone rang. All I know was I was in a deep sleep, and woke up at 11.38 pm and saw people buzzing my messenger, left some SMS, and of course, some miscalled.

I know, this should not happen especially when I had to attend two conferences tonight (or last night? Whatever...)

At first, when I woke up, I felt a bit relaxed than before. No more sneezing even though my nose is still not very well. But then, after getting some news from Afiq and Niza, I really do feel so... so... How to say? I don't know, I just... All I know is I just wanna cry and really miss my kitties: Tam the First, Tam the Second and Totoro. Dearies, I need you... T_T

I felt so regretful for not joining the conference which had been reminded by our coach so many time. I just... It wasn't my plan to fell asleep and accidentally skip the conference. I know, it IS a very important one because it was joined by some VIP that can give us some great ideas and comments to improve our team work for this becoming event. But.. It's just... Oh please.... Why does this thing has to be like this...

The thing that makes me really wanna cry is knowing about what she did. How could she do that? I thought she'd realized how important she IS in this team work. I know, I know, she needs more practice but... How can I say this? If she needs the practice, what about the others? What about me? And Niza? Tiqah? And whoever in Silat Seni is.. What about us? Didn't we need it too? Okay, okay. I know I should say this: It's okay, things happens.

But... God... Serious, this really makes me feel so bad. I really felt so selfish. God... I don't know what else to say to describe what I feel in here. Right now, every second I passed, I wish I could roll it back. Please, roll it back to the time before I closed my eyes. I wish I didn't fell asleep at that moment. But... this is.... Argh!!! How ridiculous! Why am I the one to feel it this way?! Huh!

It is hard for people who really take serious in their responsible, and it is hard too if some people didn't care more about it. But, I guess being the second type is much more relaxing, and maybe can be a cure to aging. (Much more better and useful for people like me =P) Well, which one is better? I really wanna choose the second one, and be like them: Living their lives happily ever after, can I?

Well, I guess I HAVE to stop typing right now. More words will hurt more hearts. Geuman. No more right now. So, we'll see each other soon. Later... Ciao!

Please, heal my heart...
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