Saturday, September 4, 2010

[ It's Okay Dear ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to my dear

Melayu: "Tak pe, tak pe, mak ada ni."

English: "It's okay now sweetie, mom's here."

Jepun: "Daijoubu, okasan wa koko ni aru."

Korea: "Gwaenchanh-ayo aga, eommaga yeogi."

Arab: "Anna-ha bi-khair, ummi huna."

Spanish: "Está bien, mamá está aquí."

Thai: "K̆ t̄hūk mæ̀ k̄hxng thī̀ nī̀."

Italian: "Va bene, la mamma è qui."

No matter how they use the tone, no matter what kind of language they use, it's always a phrase that calms everyone who listens to it including me.
I hear this phrase in each of the movies and dramas I watched. Japanese, Korean, animes and etc.
This is one of the moment when I feel like I wanna cry too. =P

But then, I never realize that it will happen to me. I guess right now, I just wanna hear that phrase, or at least a phrase that's somehow similar to it:

"It's okay, I'm here with you."

So that I'll be a little comfort around.

But I guess, it'll just be part of my vanished moments.
Feeling so down, and can't see how to bring myself up into one piece again isn't a pleasure, not to me, not to anyone in this world, I believe.

Few days back, there's a phrase someone throw out:

"Jijah merajuk ngan dia...hakhak..."

Well, I didn't know whether it's true or not, but one thing I realize that night,
Yes, I am.
But not to him or to anyone, it's to me, myself.

I guess I'm being sulky to myself for not being able to be like before.
I can't do things on my own: Always needing someone to be with me, to help me in every single thing
I can't even motivate myself: Can't throw away all those uneasy moments from my head
Making myself become so  lack of confident.

No more feel of excitement to live, to wake up in the morning, to start my day energetically like before.
Like they said, no more inspiration, is it?
Well, I guess that's an overreacting situation, okay. I'm not at that stage yet, or am I?
Geez... Whatever.... =P

What am I talking about?

All that matter is, every morning, I've lost my direction of living.
I hate to say this, but I guess it's the truth:

I am living in this world like a robot!


Searching for Maru,

 ~ Creating Ideas, Developing Words ~
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