Monday, September 20, 2010

[ I Still Remember ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to my dear

It's been quite some time we've been apart and in those times, I have been gaining more ideas on the topics to write or shall I say, ideas on a short story. No, I mean, for some short stories. It's been a very long time since my last short story being written down and passed around for my friends to read.

Well, as a "writer", it's a joy when you can make a difference to someone's life using your writings. It sure is, for me. The last time I wrote was about a treasure hunt, inspired by one of my favorite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. And I had decided to make a new blog, just for my short stories collection. I will, insya-Allah. =)

Okay, back to the main point. Actually, I wanna type about some things, a very special bunch of memories that keeps me alive, and still, keeping me on track, trying to be grateful for everything that happened in my whole life so far. Now, shall we begin the cracking a part of the hardest shell in me..?

* * *

I still remember
A shadow of a little girl
Being alone in the kitchen
Sometimes on her desk
Sometimes up the stairs
And sometimes under her blanket
Reading a story book
Before her bedtime
On her stressing moments
Upon her days of cries
After her school time

A little girl with a dream
To create a world
Full of wonders
Full of colours
A dream of living among them
Those charming books
Those marvelous and fascinating stories

But it's impossible
It's impossible

Become so stiff
Being so serious
Living like a normal
She forgets her dream
Leaving it so behind
That she couldn't call it back

But it's impossible
It's impossible

Once upon a season
She gets a glimpse
of her little girl dream
A long lost dream
The one that she chose
Without hesitation
Even without any idea
Chosen a long time ago
With all her passion
And with her very special gift

But it's impossible
It's impossible

And still
She thinks of it
Every day and night
Each moment that she smells the air

But now she tries to change
Nothing is impossible
No, nothing
With this dream
This only one dream
Nothing more to be the reason
She won't let it go again
She will do everything she had to

This little girl had become a lady
That will not leave her little girl's dream go
No she won't
This dream will always be her dream
And this dream will be with her
A very faithful companion
Till the death do them apart

This dream
Will always be her little girl dream
And will be her a part of her life
A dream that is
of having her own library

No more impossible
It's not impossible
Not impossible

* * *

This isn't impossible

~ Creating Ideas, Developing Words ~
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