Thursday, December 24, 2009

[ Minta Maaf ]

Assalamu'alykum to you

Hate me if u want to... Leave me if u want to... Forget me as soon as you want to... 

'Cuz I won't blame u for anything u'll do,

when it's my fault leaving u behind after deciding to give u space in here,

when it's my fault just starting to let u be in my life after so long we knew each other,

when it's my fault to let u be on ur own after vowing to myself that u are a good friend n I shan't disappoint u,

when it's my fault to betray and break the rules of friendship at the starting point...

And when it's my fault for still can't understand u well enough...

I'm sorry for what I did...

And I'm sorry for being me, a fool who can't even think wise enough and being so selfish.

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