Thursday, January 5, 2012

[ Lain yang Jadinya ~]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum my dear

How are you today? Hope you're just fine. The truth is, I want to post entries about something else but then I need a time that I can give my whole attention to it. But now, after some "events", I guess I'll just pass it.

You know, at first, I just want to say out loud "I don't need people who do not appreciate my words although they sound stupid." or "Stop being snobbish." or "What a great play you put." or "Yeah, what ever." or "Fine. I'm done." or "I have no idea why I choose you." or "I wish for the revenge." or "I wish to leave you on your own." or "How can I let you be in the organization all this time?" or "You are not more than a joke." etc to all those people. But I don't actually know why I didn't do it. Oh gosh! Why...!!

Please please please. I wish I can stop my memories from replaying all of it. Just stop please!

My guess is maybe because it's already hurts so much and the most important thing is, I wish to see what He will do to them for what they did. And I wish it's all happen here, while we still alive because I wish not to meet them in the hereafter to deal with this thing. And... I wish they feel the same as what I feel right now, no more or less. In the hereafter, the punishment will be different although it will be heavier. Or maybe I'll be too generous to let them go that time. No! Of course not! You wish! The most important thing is, I wish they get what they give, exactly the same. And only He knows the best.

Awak sangat kurang diajar, jadi saya serahkan sepenuhnya kepada Dia kembali untuk ajar awak sebaik mungkin. Belajarlah, itu yang terbaik untuk kamu dari Penciptamu yang Agung.

Shall I say...
~ Creating Ideas, Developing Words ~
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