Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[ A... What...? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Just now, I'd just log on to SMPWEB to have a look at my 1st sem result and it came out negatively(means not like what I expected). It some kind of disappointing but still, I'm satisfied with it. Of course, its actually my fault. Everything I did will get paid, because nothing comes free in this world.

Yet, I shall not be down now. It's time to move on and strive for the next level in my life. You see, to calm me down, I did some research and found this article that really gives me some relief actually.

It's about person who was born on June 27th.

Well, I've been thinking of this thing for days and now I think it is time to make myself clear with it.

This was prepared for my 2nd sem.

Theme: BLACK
- serious

- professional
- no more stupid games on weekdays (stop wasting time)

- top priority : No MONEY No TALK (or shall I say, "No advantages to me? Then, move aside, buddy.")
- talk : straight to the point or you'll counter an interrogation
- no more crap : searching here and there about something not worth it (only me who knows, and if ya wanna know, come and ask for it)
- let them talk, I'll just do my work (by ignoring them of course)

I really hope it will help me a lot, countering my problems. I know, this wasn't the best but I can't just sit and hoping someone will come out and help me cause it never happens. I need to wake up.


You know no one will stand out for you like you did to them cause all of them around you never care about you. Wake up and stop hoping!

It's okay for you to help people but you had to think for yourself starting NOW.

Oh Allah, do help me for this time.

~ Creating Ideas, Developing Words ~
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