Thursday, November 26, 2009

[ How Cruel Human Can Be ]

With Allah's Love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Just now, my elder sis, Na'imah showed me a video she got from her friend. It's about a little girl being abused by her babysitter. Oh God. That video really tear my heart apart. How cruel that maid can be. That girl is innocent and she didn't do anything wrong that can be the reason on the maid's anger.

Maybe it's a long ago story but still, it showed how cruel a human can be towards kids and children. How cruel she is, kicking, punching, even stand on that little girl's small body! And that woman also throw the little girl flew a few feet away from her place! Oh God! Geez! Oh God!

I felt so sick on the spot when I watched that video. How could A WOMAN, I repeat here, A WOMAN who was supposed given to her heart LOVE no matter how cold she acted in this world. But I can't imagine a woman being so cruel towards little children.

I can't imagine what's being hold all this time by that little girl, being abused everyday by her babysitter. All day, she might cry out for her mommy to come back home early. Oh God... Pity pity pity...

Please, for all mommy out there, please do not let your cute little girl alone with their babysitter for a very long time. Please listen to your girl's words. Don't leave her aside when she needs you the most. Please...

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