Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[ Our Prophet's (PBUH) Dream ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Just now, I checked my mailbox and read a forwarded email about our beloved Prophet,
Nabi Muhammad SAW's dream.

There were nine of them and we should take it as a reminder for us to lead our life.
Insya-Allah, as I always do, share the email here with all of you.

May Allah bless us.

1st dream
I saw one of my ummat facing Malaikatul Maut with a scary figure to take his life. But the malaikat was stopped by his obedient towards his parents.

2nd dream
I saw one of my ummat facing the punishment of the grave, but he was saved by his perfect wudhu'.

3rd dream
I saw one of my ummat was crowded by satan and demons laknatullah, but he was saved by the barakah of his sincere zikrullah.

4th dream
I saw how my ummat was dragged with a chain made of Jahannam fire which was inserted through his mouth and removed from his dubur by Malaikatul Ahzab, but his humble and not show-off solat saved him from the torture.

5th dream
I saw my ummat in a very extreme thirst, and every time he came towards a well, he was stopped from drinking the water. And at that moment, came his sincere fast for Allah SWT and gave him drink until he satisfied.

6th dream
I saw my ummat trying to get nearer to a group of anbiya' who's sitting in groups, but every time he got nearer he was driven away, so came his junub bath with a perfect harmonious that brought him to my group and sat beside me.

7th dream
I saw one of my ummat in darkness while he himself was in confused, so came his sincere Haj and 'Umrah for Allah and brought him out of that dark place to a with brilliant light.

8th dream
I saw my ummat trying to talk to a group of mukminin but they didn't reply him, so came his habits who love sillaturahim and hatred towards hostile between my ummat and called them to have conversation with him and so they came and talk to him.

9th dream
I saw my ummat trying to protect his face from fire sparks, so came his sincere charity because of Allah and became a protection for his face and head from the dangerous fire.

These dreams came to Nabi Muhammad SAW before he went for Isra' and Mi'raj.

To all who reads this article, do extent it to your friends as their reminder so that at least you've done one of your responsibility for today.



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