Saturday, March 13, 2010

[ Nothing or Something? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Before I start, this song, BSB - Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely, I dedicated to my family. I really miss all of you. Insya-Allah, I'll try to steal some time to go back home sooner. Pray for all of you from far. =)

Okay, that's it. There're lots of stories in my mind right now to share in here but I guess it's not gonna be in this post, as usual as it's already late now. I have fencing class tomorrow morning, and then the filming for our beloved fencing class's simulation. I think it'll take time to complete it as we are in a big group. =)

Well, tonight, I just want to share some of my activities or actually, my 'history' lately. First and foremost, I pray for Allah's forgiveness if my prediction is right. I can sense it, and I beg for His forgiveness for the maybe-true-sins I got lately. It wasn't in my list-to-do of course, it's just a spontaneous act. I can't be somebody else all the time, it's just me and for me, I wasn't trying to do that to any of them. Hopefully, it's not true. Hopefully.

Then, it's about my daily hectic life. Gosh. Only me, Miss Wani and He knows everything that had happened and those aren't the sweet memories to be told in here. I refuse to share those kind of stories in here because I hate those moments to live any longer in my life. Just enough to say, now I know them, for real. And believe me, this will be one of the major reason for love won't be accompanying me in this short six semesters. 

Demand? They can just throw any words they can say to me, I don't care even a bit for this one. Let them know, not all of us can except guys easily, just with one click. Geez. Fame, looks et cetera never get my attention ever when I set in my mind, "He's out of the list." Acting like an "uncivilised person", you'll be the first one to be put aside.

Geez, why am I typing about this? All I want to say is, "Stop thinking in your mind, I'm falling for you." Geez.

Ah, and the second thing, I think it should be the first. LOL. I'm starting to be like a robotic machine or something. I have no time for myself unless I take some time while working. And believe me, it's not good for your health, okay? Don't do this at home. LOL.

Lately, I'm starting to feel one feeling that gives me pain, and sometimes, it did effect my routine, especially my dietary. This is not good, my dear. It's not good. I can't live my life unhealthily. It will make my day so numb towards everything around and making me less alert of important things. I already forgot one of my exam (luckily it was reminded one night before the exam day); forgot my class on Wednesday at noon, and reminded by an sms from Miss Wani, (lucky again) asking me why I'm not in the class; and I've becoming not alert to some of the important announcement made in certain important community I joined. Oh gosh. I don't know what's gonna happen next. Hopefully, I wont be forgetting to submit my assignments, na'uzubillah.

Well, I'm feeling sleepy already. Ah, before stop typing, I just wanna type about one more thing. I hope, my dream just now won't be a reality in my life. Like I use to say,"It's not good for your health." LOL.

Well, whatever it is, ganbatte kudasai neh..!! Live your life at the most and try to be a pro in it, my dear. Chaiyok..!!!

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