Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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With Allah’s love
Assalamualykum my dear

Today, there are nothing to be done. You see, my ma’am told me earlier that she won’t be coming today but she promised to leave me a note for my tasks. Well, guess what? There’s no such thing. Haha. I guess she must’ve forgotten about that. And now, such early in the morning I’ve been thinking, “Geez, what shall I do for today?”

As usual, when the clock strikes 8 am, there’ll be a group for reciting al-Quran in the library and anyone can just pop-in. Well, that’s my first target this morning. After reciting one page, Manager asked about Majlis Tilawah al-Quran that’s been held last Saturday. Sort of like short post-mortem before their meeting at 9.30 am.

Well, I did learn new things by joining in.

1st: This big organization also having the same problem like us (students) that is the protocol. Huhu. The thing is: Penonton bangun meninggalkan majlis before TYT (VVIP) tinggalkan dewan. They left when the VVIP is receiving consolation gift! Oh my goodness. What were they thinking? Haha. Gosh. That IS a very terrible situation. They can’t find the solution so they share more examples such as celebrating TYT’s birthday, he was left alone in front of his birthday cake, with only those who received pangkat and something like that. There’s one time they had to lock up the doors and gates to make sure no one got out from the party. Gosh. Where’s our manner? As you see, those people in the events were not students. They’re Dato’, Datin, Prof, Dr. and so on. Man! Oh my gosh.

And, my first lesson (also for those who reads this entry), please start teaching ourselves to be patient and have some manners in any events we join starting from now, as a student’s life. I know, most of us just like those people. After having our meal, filled up the tanks, we decided to get out as early as we can. Sheesh. That will be a habit till we aged if we don’t start to change. I hope I won’t be like that (if I’m becoming someone being called to an event like that). =P

2nd: Communication between stage manager and technician IS a VERY important one. Seriously, in this big event, they still can’t manage it. So people, for our next event (Taming Sari IV), I hope the same problem won’t be happening AGAIN. I know some of you will understand what I’m talking about, right? =)

Wait, wait. He’s here. Haha. Whatever la. Adoi. Just get out of my view, will you? Sheesh ~

3rd: This is REALLY important to me, especially. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR DRESS, MISS. Haha. This is a very big problem to me. They discussed about some people wearing unsuitable colour of their dress. These people were not just a normal viewers, they’re those Dato’, Datin what-so-ever. Well, you see, this happened to me twice this year. But of coure, I’m a bit lucky this time as I’m not the Dato’ or Datin.

The 1st time was at Pusat Sukan’s Dinner when they invited Princess of Kedah. Guess what? My dress was GOLDEN. Hoho. Silly me. Actually, I didn’t even know that the VVIP was a princess okay. Well, this is crazy enough.

The 2nd time happened when I was attending a dinner for UKM Innovation Award (Anugerah Inovasi UKM). This was more embarrassing than the 1st time. Why? Because at the 1st time, the lights were so dim that you can’t differentiate the real colour (Tasukette neh? Yokatta ~) and my seat was behind those tall guys. Lalala ~

But this time, nothing can save me out there. Because the lights were so bright that you just don’t need any flash for your camera, okay? Gosh. Haha. I’m dead. Moreover, the theme was PURPLE and I wore TURQUOISE! Oh my God! Ahaha. Seriously, I felt like I wanna die on the spot. You know, at 1st, we planned that Pie and Abg Man will be attending the dinner. Then, Abg Man changed the plan and asked me to go instead. Aigoo. I didn’t even think of looking towards the invitation note. They did state the theme colour. Haisy. And, this time, the colour was similar to Vice Chancellor. Oh man!! The only difference is our dress pattern. Luckily, she admitted of her mistake about the theme and told a joke: Well, I am being innovative. Haha. That includes me, right? Ngiahaha ~

But of course, I’ll make sure that was the last time I’m in that kind of situation, okay? Insya-Allah. Sheesh. Why were there must be such embarrassing moments in my life. Or maybe, that’s a clue for me, as becoming VVIP in the future, don’t you think so? Lalalalalala ~

Well, I guess that will be enough for today (or this morning). We’ll see again later on. Cheerio, darling!


Right now, I’m waiting for the time to go home. It’s 15 minutes from the time. Geez. That guy, he just doesn’t give up. Well, of course, it’s just few days. Too early to judge, don’t you think so? We’ll see how long he’ll be like that, so annoying since morning till he’s gone home. Geez. Just stop playing around and focus with your work, will you?

**This entry was written on  Monday,9/5/2011.


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