Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[ cRAzY Me?? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

I guess, this post shouldn't be started with those phrase cuz it's just not suitable but well, let it be. Those phrases must be over there. I won't change it no matter what.

This week, these two weeks I've been through are the toughest weeks. Everything I tried to do, I tried to complete, I tried all I can, all my best in every single thing but then it became something so, so different. Totally irony. And you know what, it makes me feel so stupid, so damn stupid trying all this long, making things go perfectly as it should be.

1st of all, starts with my tasks in the society.
 OMG! I will never ever really totally work with those kind of organization! Get out! What kind of society is that?! What?! If you wanna have it on your own way, without thinking it wisely, without thinking about the other members, then why don't you just make your own club at all?! GOD!! I just wanna kill you, d' you hear me?! Ayam la weh. Law xreti tu, dengaq la kata org len. Ni dok keraih pala gi pe dia. Orang cakap tu nk bagi senang keja dude, nak save masa smua org. Nak bg perfect. Tak mau satgi tengah2 program kena buat dua tiga kali keja. Ni baru tadi ja, x sampai time program gi pun, ku dah nak kena buat len keja2 hampa tu. Ayam la weh. Ampa bukannya nak tengok balik pe dia yg jadi. Tinggai lagu tu ja. Buat keja cemana nih. Ayam tol. Bila orang ckp lek lok, ketegaq piang. Tak mau ikot. Pe hal la, kata dah masuk U. Bila orang dah hangin baru nak terasa sampai ke jantong la konon. Pandang muka pon tak mau? Lantak mu la weh. Ada ang kesah bila ku terasa ang tak ikut arahan ku? Ada ang kesah bila ku kena buat balik keja2 ang yang  tak PERFECT? ADA ANG KESAH?

And then, it comes to my lappy case. Gosh! What's all this?! Because of just one mistake, and made by her, I'm the one to take all the blame? Gosh! OF COURSE, it's MY LAPPY. Not her's. Great.... And then, the story began and THAT made me become a really stupid person. Great! Next time, I won't take your advise.

Then, it comes to this repeatedly case. God! This thing happened to me in my 1st year, working under the same society. Then, I guess it won't happen AGAIN. But guess what? WRONG!
And for the 2nd time, it happens again! You hear me? AGAIN! What's wrong with you guys, huh? Tell me, right here, right now. What's in your mind?! What?! You think all of us comes from a filthy rich family?! You think my father is the ambassador or something?! What kind of person are you?! Dude, next time, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF GETTING INVOLVE IF YOU CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT THE RIGHT WAY.
Dude, law nak save, len kali handle program bagi betoi la. Nama pun program student dude, buat la cara program student, toksah la dok berangan nk buat gempaq law TADAK DUIT. Ayam la weh! Bukan skali ni taw dak jadi cmni! Ampa ni memg ad penyakit ni kot lam keturunan generasi society ampa ni. Parah. Rs dh besaq pala habeh dh la tu, bila org len ... isy... adoi...tak reti ku pon aih... pandai2 ampa la nak idop weh. From me, adios!

And now, comes to the climax of all. God. I tried my best to take a very good care of that car. The tiny little car. I tried to be alert at all time when I drive, when I stop the car, or park it anywhere. I take all caution from all angle. Cuz I know, it's not mine. All of these, they're not mine. I took care all of it, all my best. But then....

You know what? Every single thing that happens lately is because of your stupidity and not being careful, everything became useless! USELESS!

How did you even got your license la weh! Ayam tol! "Crazy woman driving." ni memg seswai ngan hang. Bley ganti Cruella DeVil. Pi balek blajaq lgi la. Tu la padah amek lesen murah dude! Tak cukup masa training bagi betoi! Ayam. Perosak harta tau dak! Perabih duit ja! Dah habeh duit sniri amek lesen lopek, ni perabih duit org plak nak pebaik keta. Ayam. Langgaq keta org reti, nak tinggai number contact x reti plak! Ayam la wes! Beh ku yg kena tuduh x reti jaga gheta mak bapak, ku la yg kena tuduh x reti bawak keta, ku la yg LOST MY FATHER'S FAITH! Ayam! Mana hang?! Nak lari sangat? Ha, pi lari pi hujung dunia, masuk pi sembunyi lubang mana-mana. Jgn sampai ku dapat hang, paham?! Jgn sampai ku dapat hang. Ingat sampai ke mati, disebabkan hang, KU HILANG PERCAYA AYAH KU! Hang reti dak ni? INGAT SAMPAI MATI BENDA NI! INGAT! Ayam tol.

And now, you've got what you asked for:


No more good girl around
~ Cleo ~
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