Sunday, October 10, 2010

[ Tonite ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to my dear

I guess he hates me so much..haha..I don't know the reason so far but then, there's nothing I can say cuz it's he's choice. I can't change that if that's what he wants. What-ever... :p

* * *

For tonight, I need to fill up the forms in my head. Every thing had been such a chaos and I need to stack it back to normal. First thing comes first.

1. Finish up typing report - to be passed up to my dearie YDPs.
2. Finish up editing my assignments - PIS and STI
3. Try to search for more journals and books for:
- Tokoh PIS
- Ekonomi: Wang Zaman Umayyah

Okay..only these three things for tonight. Other tasks and assignments will be in the next list.
Insya-Allah, I'll try my best to finish up all of these.

 Hates me so much..?
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