Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Wali Band - Harga Diriku]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to my dear

Lately, I've been to "busy" with my life, my hectic and chaos life and I almost forgot to "talk" to Him. Almost forgot to share with Him what happened in my life, my problems, my earnings, the happiness etc.

Just then, I found this song. A beautiful song that reminds me of Him. So much for me to catch up and make myself better for Him. I hope He's still there, waiting for me. I hope He will accept me even I know I've been such a stupid to forget about Him, who's always loving me, and be at my side, make sure I'm not alone in this path.

O Allah, forgive me...

* * *

Wali Band - Harga Diriku

Di dirimu aku menemukan
Yang mencintaiku
Yang menyayangiku
Di dirimu aku ketakutan
Kau biarkanku
Kau tinggalkanku

Bila kamu tak lagi denganku
Ku tak tahu apa ‘tuk jalani hidupku
Bila memang kau pergi dariku
Ku tak ada lagi di dunia ini
Mengertikah kau siang malamku
Dan tangis tawaku
Kau semua hidupku
Pandang aku pandanglah hatiku
Aku tak mampu melangkah tanpamu

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Bukan ku tak punya harga diri
dirimu begitu berarti
Kaulah nafasku engkau harga diriku
Mengerti aku….

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 * * *

P/s: Some people might think this song is for someone, but for me, when I read the lyrics and listen to the song for the first time, it reminds me of Him. Well, each of us has the right to think what we want to. =)

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