Monday, November 26, 2012

[ From Dream to A Wish ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum my dear

How's your weekends, dear? Hope it's the best. For me, it is! Alhamdulillah. Just wanna share this one so that it will remain, and I hope it will becoming true! Amiiin! ^^

Last night, was the best for these two and a half years I've been through. I'd always had bad dreams, nightmares, and so on. My father just knew about it recently. And I notice it when I told him my friends said I'm a bit skinnier than before. Then he said: might be not because of losing the appetite (cuz it's not hahaha) but it's also effected when someone is having restless sleep or shall I say, tidoq tak lena. kikiki.

That's so damn true. My nights, every single night will be with nightmares and bad dreams that kept me awaking in the middle of the night. Sometimes it gets worse when I only had few minutes to sleep and senang cakap, asyik terbangun selang dua tiga minit. Fuh... dugaan betul.

But last night.. to me, alhamdulillah.. ^^

Ya Allah, even if its just a dream, and if it's a good thing for me, I hope it will become true. It's most likely the best moment of my dreams! Can't stop smiling whenever it comes around my mind.. heeeeeee

Gosh, gosh, gosh!!!


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