Thursday, January 28, 2010

[ Being Me ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Lately, I've been depressed so much for thinking about myself. But then, thanks a lot to my dear friends, Wani and Wan for their support. Thanks, guys. =)

And in these suffocating time, I remembered one of my favourite things I used to do in my daily life back then. I used to LOVE reading books until I can't even got up from my seat for hours just for trying to read the book till the end. And I'd become useless without my spect's help also because of my love to books.

Umi had to switch off the light just want to make sure I can't read the book and go to sleep but I am such a stubborn daughter. I continued my reading till at last, when I got into Standard 5, I need the help of a pair of spectacles. =)

Four years ago, I spent most of my time at the Penang State Library, searching for interesting novels to be read while waiting for the SPM result. And I found a book, entitled "The Thing About Jane Spring". The moment I saw this novel, my heart kept telling me this book worth it to be read by me but I have no time to borrow as the library was closing.

So, the next day, I asked my brother to borrow the novel for me. I read the novel and it did gave me such pleasure reading it.

And, last Saturday, I went out with Kak Adau and we found a book store, something like isolated one in the corner. I don't know why but my heart was telling me to go there. And over there, I found this novel, "The Catch". I was holding to that novel, trying to decide whether I should buy or just ignore it because the price's so high and I need to maintain my money flow. But my hand refused to let it go.

 And at last, I did bought the novel and now, still reading it. After   reading the novel, but not yet to the end, I'm not feeling any regret for buying this novel. It gives me the same feeling and pleasure when I read the "The Thing About Jane Spring".

The Catch by Mark Mason

Well, it is a very good book and I'm so excited to tell everyone about it but I can't make a conclusion yet because I didn't even finish reading it. But, for true, this novel really caught my attention and giving me the pleasure to read it pages by pages. Thank God I got the leave for lectures till noon, so it means I have lot of time to read or even to finish it and start reading other novels.

But still, I can't leave behind my assignment. =P

Whatever it is, I will finish reading this novel so that I can share this wonderful story to all. =)

Enjoying my books,
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