Monday, January 4, 2010

[ It's Good to Know ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to you

I'm sorry for not being a perfect friend to you. I've tried my best all this time to be like Kin and Munie. But still, it never turned out to be right neither to you nor me.

I know, I'm not a perfect person like you are. I always did wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong situation. It never turned out to be perfect to you.

All this time, I tried to swallow every single words you said to me, every single words you complaints about me even though it hurts me so much, and deeply inside I hope you'll stop but you never did. I know, I have to accept it in order to be like them to you. Because you are such a perfect person to me. I have nothing to say to you, nothing to complaint about you, nothing to disapprove about you, because I know that's you, a person who need not to be switch into someone else to be perfect. You are perfect enough to me, and I accept everything about you since we started to be close friends.

Every time, I kept thinking on how to appear the best of me in front of you. No matter on what condition I am at that time, because I don't want you to be uncomfortable when you are with me. But till now, there is not a slightest thing showed me that my effort worked out.

I'm so sorry that I am me. I am someone who was born to be a burden, a problem, and a pest to everyone around me, to everyone close to me.

Now I know why my mother really loves you more than me, now I know why my mother adores you more than me, and now I know why my mother prefers you as her daughter, and not me. I'm just someone that's not good enough to be something worth to anyone.

You are a great person, and I'm sorry I didn't realise it earlier. I'm just someone from below who tried to be someone near to you, a person from the upper place.

You have a bright future, and both of us know it. For me who's always good at making problems and stupid things, I know I shouldn't block your path. Please, I don't need any words or explanation from you for I know it is hard for you to talk about this  since we knew each other. Please don't make yourself burdened by me. Just, go on with your life. Strike for the best, and be proud of yourself, my dear. Please don't let me be something that effects your life badly.

Go, strive for your perfect life and live in it with full of gratefulness. I promise you, yesterday was the last day you'll be uneasy with what I've done. I promise you, today is the beginning of your perfect life, my dear. I hope you'll be enjoying it till you hold your bright future in your hands. Ganbatte kudasai-neh.

You are the best person I've ever met, and I hope you'll always be the best in your life. =)

Adios, amigo.

Your smile is my pleasure 
and you are always in my prayers.

With full of love,
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