Saturday, January 23, 2010

[ A Relief ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Alhamdulillah, I'd just got back from some sort of dinner for a celebration of Open UKM at Bagan Lalang.
Some of my friends and seniors could not make it for they have other commitments. Hmm...

Pic at Bagan Lalang Beach

Anyway, the thing is, the moment I stepped on the beach, I felt like I'm flying "without wings"...
I felt the freedom for once in my life time since I was recruited into UKM's life.
How can I describe it even though it's just a slightest moment.

And the most memorable moment is when I got the chance to play on the beach. Being a student in 'here' made me become so stiff, so serious that I don't have any pleasure of being me.

I don't really care what people might say seeing me that way just now, because it's the only moment I had, to be me. I missed those moments when I used to go out, hold the ball in my palms, play and cheers out loud. Those moments lived long enough in here till just now, alhamdulillah, I had the chance to feel almost the same happy and cheerful feelings. But, of course, I was stopped by my dressing. I can't run all the way with baju kurung and formal shoes on the beach, of course. (I just got back from the class when the bus arrived.)

Oh Allah, how grateful I am for that moment. I prayed in my heart to stay like that for at least another day but still, I'm very grateful for You gave me a little chance to feel the freedom. Thank You, Allah for today.

By the way, the food served was really good. Like teacher Lela always says, "Mouth watering, delicious and fantastico!" I missed you so, teacher  =)

Well, for the end, all I could say is, I'm satisfied enough with today's activity. For some people, it may be nothing. But for me, it is something. Adios!

Wishing to replay the time,
~ Creating Ideas, Developing Words ~
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