Thursday, December 23, 2010

[ IDK..TIY... ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

Well, all is well but my health isn't. I'm truly sorry for those people. I can't complete my task perfectly and it affects their's as well. Gosh, this really makes me feel so down right now. With this condition, always needing for tissue paper at my side, trying to counter the headache, I can't even do the task smoothly. Gosh.. And not to forget those mice! Geez! They just won't stop disturbing even after I put the poison in front of their main highway. Great... And just now, the tiny one just slip and fell of the cliff right in front of me. And now it's trying to climb up from under my bed!! Ya Allah...tertekan saya!!!

With these mice, running all around, up and down, Gosh.. This is driving me nuts!! Please... why didn't they take action? Do something! This is disgusting! I filed a report this morning at the office and they just hand me a couple of poison tablets! Oh please... it didn't give any effects to these mice. Come on!

I don't wanna live my whole semester like this. Can't sleep at night, start my day with teary eyes and running nose. Oh please... How can I do my work in this situation? Those people won't wait for me, all they want to know is the task is done, and I need to complete it ASAP. Give me a break.....

Hyperbola? IDK... TIY...
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