Sunday, March 27, 2011

[ Care for What's in Your Food..? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to all

Morning to all. Before you start your day, why not take your time and read this. I'm sure you'll be extra careful from now on.


Creatures We Swallow Unconsciously  
Because of it's tiny size and hard to be seen with our eyes, unknowingly, most of us swallowed these creatures that live in air and dust. Even more, they live in our food!

If only we could see them, I guess all of us will say NO! to them. Just take a look at these photos FIY.
This is a picture of bacteria that lives in our sofa and bed. Scary, right?
This is an image of a normal bacteria that lives on cats and dogs fur. This is the work of Steve Gschmeissner, 61, who won the science photography competition. He used a camera with Microscope zoom that allows us to zoom in hundreds times.
This is the bacteria that lives in our bread if we don't pack it back safely. I guess most of did, right? Ergh....
And this is ... an image of fly larva when closed up hundred times. It looks kind of an alien, right? Geez....

Ngaa ~
Ergh.... Well, after seeing those images, I guess most of will be very careful with what's going into our mouth EVERY DAY!

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