Saturday, June 19, 2010

[ So-called Vacation ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all relieved to be at home after the camp. I thought my vacation in Ipoh won't be cancelled but...well, we plan, Allah has the power, rite? =)

Attending a camp for protocol and etiquette for three days and two nights, isn't something to be regret after all. The place: Pulau Jerejak. That's why I didn't mind at all to cancel my vacation. =P

I've been there once, and it was something not to be forgotten. But, for the 2nd time, I would prefer to forget about it, maybe just a part of it, I guess. huhu...

Well, let me tell you the part I would LOVE to put it aside. I set my mind to go there as a participant but for the last minute (which I really hate), I had to fill up the blank as one of the responsible people for this camp... great, I've had to cancel my 2nd plan on vacation... being burden by  things around that turns out to be massively problemmo!

I hate last minute plans 'cuz it's hard for me to adapt twisted things. Gimme a break! I hate being so blur about what was happening and get scolded bcuz of not helping out. Ah, so great! You guys seems so busy doing all the things by yourself, and that makes me feel like, "Duh - you seems like you can handle it on your own. Still thinking that you're gonna need me over here..?"

Well you know what..? Next time, do NOT forget people when they are ALREADY being assigned to your organization in the 1st place and then, simply point out your "so powerful" finger saying, "You, come here. You are one of us." in a sudden. You know what I mean?

En serio, usted me hace enfermo!

Okay, enough of it. So know the thing is being told, and there's nothing more to remember. So, I guess, like Ordet and Derek's parents used to say, "This isn't my idea!"

Heh.. Now, the only thing I will keep about Pulau Jerejak is I've been there with sweet memories in 2007. =)

Coming back
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