Friday, November 5, 2010

[ Giggling Day ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to my dear

4th November 2010 = Giggling Day
Alhamdulillah, today I really am enjoying my day. Why? Because today, I felt really alive! Great! =D

Starting my day with my assignment. Trying to complete as much as I can my Maharat al-Kitabah book [read to know more] and have my break-lunch (breakfast + lunch) at 1100+.
And then, continue with decorating my book like I used to do in school. Ahh... feeling so satisfied that I still have the chance to wrap and decorate a book at these days.

Meet my lecturer and submit my assignments at faculty, and meet a friend that used to come and having chat with me at my room.
Then, I went to the stadium to help my friend, Niza with a part of her task: Talk to the foreigner about our invitation for our becoming event of Pencak Silat UKM Club. Well, for today, I need to talk to the person in charge for Thailand's team. Before dialing the number, both of us (pulun) trying to make out some sentences, an appropriate one of course. it comes. Niza dialed the number and give the phone to me. Lub dub.. My heart started to pound faster than ever! Before knowing it, I heard someone's voice over the phone. Because of it's not so clear, I restart the conversation.

Me: Hello, may I speak to *****?
Voice: Yes, I am. Who's this?
Me: I'm sorry, I'm Azizah from bla2...erm... Can you speak in Malay?
(oh my God! I didn't know where does it come from! Niza heard it and I heard she said: tak bley blah dia tnya soklan tu...hahaha)

Seriously, I thought of it just before talking to that girl but never ever thought it would come out from me. God! XD
And of course, that girl say yes, and she even used Kelantanese Malay! lol

Oh my God.... It's just a very humorous incident in my live. =P

Niza, my room mate and me went to the swimming pool at Danau. Okay, this is my 1st time I went to the pool. Plus, the last time I went to a swimming pool is when I was 6 years old, I think. It was at the Wet World or something like that. Can't even remember the place. =P
Gosh, I really am not a person who knows how to swim so I just get myself wet. Haha.
Niza? My room mate? They know how to swim. No worries. They even teach me how but then, I was the one too afraid I might drown. hehe.
(cuz I know I have a very heavy body) =P

Training as usual but tonight, our coach didn't train us. He just came and stop by to take his letter from me and just go on with his work. So, tonight, we're not having a VERY TIRING training. Gosh... Last night was like...only He knows........a very painful night........X_x

After training:
Have some chit chat and eat something with my team mates. We talked about lots of things that I had never talked to my friends before. huhu. It'll be only between us. =P
And the best thing was I got to copy a LOT of movies and drama from them. And most importantly, I got the LORD OF THE RING!!! aaaaaa!!!!!! XD
I've been waiting for too long to be home and sit back and watch the trilogy but now, I don't have to. LOTR is with me NOW! yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!

Okay now.. I'm too tired after this LONG long day. I need to rest now because tomorrow, we're going to Hentian Kajang and Kajang to survey the medals for our tournament. Well I guess, this is it. See ya later! Ciao!

Deadly excited
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