Friday, February 11, 2011

[ Engaged - Separated - Married ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to my dear

Can I still call you my dear? Of course dear, you're still my dear. Not to worry =)

Nah, that's not the point here. Well, as I typed, I'm engaged, then separated, and now, I'm married. LOL.
That's...too early, right? haha.

Actually, it's a hyperbole. It's mainly about my life since last two semesters until now. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Firstly, as we all know, the first step is engagement. Well, it happened when I got three 'guys' at my side. And, I guess it's time to take a step forward in knowing each other. And within the time, I've known those guys and their family members, and also their living style. Gosh, it's so complicated. There're so much work to be done, with so many complicated situation and dilemma. I've been hurt for so many time. Some of them left scars and some of them draws the gap bigger between me and those guys. But even so, some of them brings us closer without realizing it.

And I know you knew the whole stories, right dear? ;)

Well, and then it's time for me to sit back and think, to choose wisely which 'guy' I can accept to be in my life. And, that's when I got separated from any of them. I took a very long time to decide with the help of the others.

And, after all this busy moments, the time has come. Just now, I'm 'officially' married to a guy. Someone who I really wanted to be with. Someone I'm really glad to be married to. And someone I'll be flattered to be with him for another whole campus life. Ups, this is too much I guess =P

Whatever. So, the point is, I'm married to that 'guy', Pencak Silat UKM Club. Congratulation to me, Cleo.

I know, this marriage, come with big responsibility. That's why at first, I really don't want to get involve anymore, after what had happened all year. I really need to sacrifice everything I had, moments of my personal life, days of my holidays, and so much more. Gosh, this is killing me. Please... Give me a break for at least a month to catch up with my life. I really need the time and space more than you know, dear.

But, anyway, I accept the decision with all my heart when I saw some people I know, closer than anyone in that family. So, I guess, it's okay my dear. I can cope in, I still have them to help me and to inspire me. From this moment, insya-Allah, I'll try my best in every single thing so that this time, it will be better, and organized, and fresh, and loving to each of us, insya-Allah.

Whatever it is, I hope each of us can make it better than before so that there will be no more regrets in our hearts, no more pain, no more grudge, venge and what-so-ever relationships.

I guess, that's it. I really need to go now cuz I have a class at 8 in the morn tomorrow. Adios dear!

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