Monday, February 21, 2011

[ Worried, Am I? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to my dear

How are you today? I just wanna check out on you for I can't sleep at this hour. *sigh*
It's too disturbing. Well, all of what happened today, totally disturbing. *sigh*

. . . . . . .

It is time, the day after tomorrow. I'll be going to a place, and practice what I've been learning all of this time. Haaiiizzz... I don't really know what am I gonna do, what it's gonna be, what's it like over there and bla bla bla. Too many disturbing questions. I'm afraid I can't do my best in it. *sigh*

Right now, I'm trying my best to choose and organize the best and appropriate songs and tomorrow will be the day I meet the team and present it to them. Present? Yep, to give them the chance to choose their own songs. I'm just the one who's arranging the songs for them.

Gosh... Am I too over worried or what..? *sigh*

Well, dear, this worried-thing isn't just about this. There're much more including that s**p** dream. Geez.  Can't I just ignore it? It's just some weird dream, so what? Please, forget about it, please... Aigoo ~

. . . . . . .

Plus, I'll be performing some silat steps in one of the slots. Oh my God, now I really totally regret for saying such a stupid thing, that it to agree performing it. Just because of a challenge from him, I did a very big and stupid choice. Gosh..! Ya Allah...  This will gonna kill me in a flash..!  Waaaaarrrgghhh...!!! *nail bitting*

After several tempting, I manage to log in FB and the first status I saw was from one of my colleagues saying she's already finished her packing! Gosh! Me...? Well... Just finished choosing my suit for that performing night. *sigh*

I just . . . argh . . . . !! 

Okay, okay. Cool girl.. Cool.. It's nothing, it's nothing at all. *sigh*

Help!!!! What shall I put in the bag...?!! Gosh, this is much more difficult than choosing what shall I wear to the class every morning. Huuaaa ~ 

What shall I do...?

What shall I do...?

What shall I do...?

Too worried
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