Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[ Silence ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to my dear

My bro had gone now. Back to his college. I sent him this noon at the KTM station. Well, it felt so awkward and ... Well, I had to admit, I wanna cry. If only he could stay with me a bit longer at this moment. Surely, I need my family to be with me right now cuz feeling so down. Like my friends use to say, morally down. haha.

And now I'm alone. Of course, with my cousin in this house but it's not the same, you get me? *Sigh*

Wani once said to me while I was driving. About me and my bro. She said it's a bit different from the others. She said it's because of the bond between us. For her, normally bro and sis didn't get in together so well like us. Actually, it's because of my father. He told us long ago that he wanted to see us be together, which means do live our life together as a family, as siblings. Because he's seen siblings willing to 'kill' each other and he don't want us to be like that. His method: Everywhere we go, everything we do, shall be done together.

Well, I guess his hard work paid off. Alhamdulillah and gratz to Abi.

Anyway, it's headache time so I guess Bye bye love ~

Sob sob
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