Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[ How Sad To Know ]

With Allah's Love
Assalamu'alykum to all

This morning, I was wearing my hijab when I heard a news from the radio.
At that time, usually will be having discussions about recent news for that day.
It was about some pupils, young children I'm talking about right now, fell into a river in Perak.

I didn't get the news fully because I was too busy preparing myself to go for a morn jog.
I can't stop thinking about those children and their parents especially
when JKR didn't want to take the responsibilities upon this case.

How could they say that . . ?

Parents lost their beloved children,
lil girls and boys lost their dearest playtime friends in front of their eyes,
teachers lost their most beloved cute lil pupils.

How could they just say that . . ?

I tried to search for the news but I can't find more than this one.

When I was at the stadium, on my own, jogging and stretching,
I saw a father, walking along the track watching out on his son.
A very lil cute one.
He tried his best to be on that lil boy's side.

When they were leaving the stadium,
I saw him lifting up that boy and put him upon his arms.
He wrapped his son tightly to his chest as if he didn't want to let go of him.

How loving moment I saw between those two. . .

And I can't stop thinking of those who had lost their children in that case.
And I can't stop thinking of the cruelty in those hearts who were easily letting go of what they had done,
causing the death of those lil innocent children,
who were excited to see the beauty of this world,
created by Allah for His humble servants,
leaving behind the sadness to their parents,
who didn't have enough time to share their love with . . .

People can easily say,
"It was their destiny, their fate and it was the time for them to go."
"You can't blame the fate for what had happened."

But, can't you stop for awhile and think.
At least please don't say,
"It wasn't our fault. We won't take any responsibilities for this case.
Those children were to be blame for the jumping on the hanging bridge."

Oh my God . . !
How could you say those words after all that happened . . .
How cold your heart to throw out those words after you 'took' those lives . . .
How could you . . .
How could you . . .


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