Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[ Oh My God..! ]


I was in a discussion when I received an SMS from a friend asking whether I know a guy name Muhammad Sabhi Abdul Razak.

I replied, "Of course! He's one of my former friends. Why?"

Then he said, "I saw he's pic in a newspaper, NST. Try to search it."

Knowing bout it, I dashed to Unikeb Bookstore and buy the newspaper. It is true! OMG!

B-hi's story is in it and I'm holding it right now. [LOL]

Sabhi's column in Skor, NST, Wednesday, October 21, 2009.
[ Page 15 ]

Go b-hi! Go b-hi! I salute you for your success in getting into newspapers. [ LOL ]

To my other friends, please do wish him your congrats wishes. And to you, Sabhi, ganbatte-neh in your life out there. [ ^^ ]


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