Saturday, October 31, 2009

[ Now I Remember . . . ]

With Allah's Love
Assalamu'alykum to all...

Today, I got the chance to have my breakfast peacefully without any rushing like everyday I used to.
And today, I feel like I know something familiar with this.

The smell of the air after the rain
The sounds of the birds and other world companions
The silence from the hectic voices
The taste of nasi lemak
Eaten with a nice cup of hot Milo

Ah... Now I remember...I'm sure I knew it!
It was the same feeling like at grandma's house!

Now I remember...
My favourite time at grandma's
Living far away from the concrete jungle
Away from alien voices
But accompanied by friendly nature
That has neither bias nor hatred

Now I remember...
Having breakfast with all the peacefulness
Only nice voices and laughs were around
Moms talking to her children
Fathers chatting of the routes and plans
Teens joking with mouthful of food

Now I remember...
For so long I didn't return
Meet and greet grandma and grandpa
For so long I didn't sit on that chair
Eat and share with grandma and grandpa
For so long I didn't walk on that ground
Running and laughing with cousins
Away from angry grandma and grandpa
Like we used to...

Now I remember...

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