Sunday, October 18, 2009

[ My Faraway Friend ]


For this weekend, I'm living alone without both my room mate and best friend in UKM. How bored I am today after coming back from Mr Zafri's open house.

He knows my suffering that He sent me two person to accompany me today. It's Wani [FPI] who accompany me accidentally for dinner with her UPSI member and Yuni, my best friend who's already in UK.

Yuni and I YM!ing this eve and she sent me some of her photos in UK. I was so glad looking at her pics. How I miss you so much, Yuni. Do your best, ganbatte-neh!

These are some of her pics I want to share. She looks more beautiful and matured than before. [^^]

Nur Ayuni Rahayu Ibrahim a.k.a. Yuni

Happy face as usual you have.

Candid or posing. . ?

What a picturesque view, right?

With her new friends over there.
[Be good with her, will ya?]

Back from shopping, girls?

Well, I think that's enough for me to share some of her pictures. I'm so excited looking at her pics because it wasn't easy for her to take pictures before plus give a smile for a pic but in these, she did give her sweet smile. [^^]

Yuni, ganbatte-neh! Be a good girl over there and don't forget to smile more and more everyday, my dear. [^^]

P/s: Send my warmest regards to your friends.


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