Friday, October 16, 2009

[Beza 5 Mata..?!]


Well, as you all know, the debate had already finished two days ago. But last night was the day all of us received our prize.

When the annoncement made, most of us, the first year students of course when I mention 'us' were surprised to know, the different of points collected by both team were only five!

Well, for me, who had never been too serious in debate like this before, it IS quit a surprising to know. I don't know maybe out there, people might say the opposite way. But, who cares? [My fav words]

Me and my new 'friends'.

Well, at least I felt the satisfaction of that night little-arguement. ^^
I'll try my best next time if I'm in the team once again. Insya-Allah.

And once again, thanx for all who helped me all this through. And plus, thanx a lot to the camera-girl. ^^


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