Monday, October 5, 2009

[ My Beloved Siblings ]

Assalamu'alykum to all...

Tonight, I'd become an unqualified ICT lec for my college mate. [lol] But that's not the point I'm writting this post actually.

While I'm helping her out, I'm trying to reorganise my folders. Then I saw a very dearly picture that I wish it will stay like that forever.

The picture of me and my siblings on Eid al-Fitri morn this year.

How beautiful this picture looks to me. Not just that, it looks harmony and I really love looking at this picture.

Except looking at me who look older than my two sisters. [Geez]

Starting from the one with spectacles and clock wise, that's my second older sister [Na'imah], me ['Azizah], my oldest sister ['Afifah], my youngest brother [Na'im] and beside him my younger brother [Firdaus].

I just lost my spectacles right before eid, that's why I didn't wear it in this year's pic. How I love to look at this picture so much. ^^

'Afifah, we love talking about fashion and shopping. [lol]

Na'imah, we always share our jokes and experience in our varsity life also blogging. [^^]

Firdaus, sharing about friends and foes, electronics, computing and mechanical things, also religious and studies are our conversations daily.

Na'im, we have lots of common. [ Sharing is loving. ] We love comics, Prison Break and gaming. Armies, guns, self-defence and survival, would be our choices of main topic.

Dearies, you are my only love. The main between us is, we share every single new things in our life together when we talk to each other. That's the best moments when all of us are gathering under one roof.

O Allah, please listen to my pray.

O Allah, do take good care of all of my siblings. Do help them to be better and better every day as Your humble servants, my Lord.

O Allah, please don't take any of them before I have the chance to make them as a happy as they could living in this world and prepare for the after day.


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