Thursday, August 19, 2010

[ Crazier Than Before ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum to all

First of all, I wanna say alhamdulillah to Allah for His love that gives me another chance to be in Ramadhan. And also, for His greatness and rahmah, my burden become lighter. Well, it's been five days Woody living with me in here and I'm glad that he's with me lately. It's been a lot easier for me to go back and forth to my classes, programs, and to PTSL at night. Now, I'm in no worries at all to be alone going to the library at night. =)

Okay, back to the topic. FYI, I am becoming crazier than before, and I guess sometimes I made my friends' life miserable because of me. Gosh! To my dear friends, I really am sorry if that happened.

Next week, I have to do 4 presentation: Maharat (Arabic Insya'), Akhlak & Tasawuf (comments on al-Ghazali's writing), Sejarah Tamadun Islam (Ekonomi - Bani Umayyah), and Ilmu Pidato & Debat (Penang - Dakwah Muslim).

Plus, 5 assignments to be submit before the week ends: Akhlak & Tasawuf (Essay of my comments, and essay on Tarikat: Antara Benar & Salah), Sejarah Tamadun Islam (essay about my presentation topic), Pengenalan Teknologi Maklumat (Assignment 2), Falsafah Alam Sekitar (Questionnaire).

Oh my goodness.... Don't mention my tasks for my posts. I didn't finish yet my reports about our meetings for PMPP, have to follow up my program: Liga Piala Dekan's approval from PPP, and need to check on my unfinished tasks in Pencak Silat Club. Oh my God....

I AM crazy enough if I still have time to SMS or chatting with friends, go out for leisure, sleep at night just like before and... and... and... I don't know. I've become so... too panic stricken, I guess. Oh my God..!!

Is there anything I can do to make me wiser and become a little bit cool down..? Because I don't wanna have a heart attack at this rate. I need to finish these tasks before I die. Amin. =P

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