Monday, August 30, 2010

[ My 101st Post ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum to all

This is my 101st entry, just like 101 Dalmatians, it's a  very special number. So, I want to dedicate this entry to all of the cats around the world.

Please, don't kill them.
Please, stop torturing them.
Please, have mercy on them.

You can see their happiness, but you can't see their tears.
You know they're healthy, but you can't never know if they're in pain.

Human: cries in pain when got cut by knife
Cats: tell me who had ever saw their tears and heard them cry out loud for help?

Human: needs anesthesia for operation
Cats: tell me who used anesthesia before torturing them?

Cats deserve to live in this world, because they're just like us. Being made by Allah to fill in this world.
They come and bring us rahmah, they come and give us chances to be loved by Allah.

Someone gets in heaven just because of a cat.
And someone being punished in hell also because of a cat.

Of course it's within His will, but we are the one to choose.

Please, cats didn't have the intelligence as we do. They didn't know what they did was wrong.
We, as human being, shall know better, shall understand more.
We, as the caliph, shall take care of them.

And not being like this

or this

Act wisely like human, because you're human.
Act stupidly, then you've become worst than animal.

Love cats like this people do

Source: Facebook

and this



Source: From my brother's camera =)

Long live the cats and animal kingdoms

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