Friday, May 6, 2011

[ Starts - Same - Is It? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamualykum my dear

I'm sorry, most of my entries after this will be full of typo. This keyboard is just not suit me very well. I guess, it's the opposite, or not? Whatever. Sorry okay. huhu.

Well, it's been three days wince I start my practical at somewhere. Well, so far, there're just nothing such as culture shock to me because I get to do the same task every day I did in my entire life. Boring? You can say that. IT IS. But, I guess maybe because it's just the beginning, right dear?

I'll just have to wait a little while to get to reach the next stage, I guess. But so far, I can see the way in front, I'll be a clerk later on if my ma'am didn't give me any more tasks about IT. Because even though I 'close' my world in front of my lappy, I can still hear what they say okay. By just giving me the clerk position? What the hal is it in achieving the target of this practical? I'm not trying to heat up things but come on. My friends gotta use thing they have learnt for two semester when they get their daily task. Me? Let's just say helping people around with their powerpoint presentation. Great. Well, at least it did hit the IT part there. *Sigh*

I hope this won't be long. Because it's too boring. The tasks they give, just giving me headache and boredom because of too cliche and moreover, I just have to sit in front of the computer from 8 am to 5 pm. Geez. It's not good for your health. The end. =P

By the way, let's see. It seems like I am the only student there. So, it's a part of the boredom because all people around is either married or older and I just don't know how to communicate with them either then being a VERY polite girl or just pretend that I'm too busy finishing my task at my desk,so don't bother me. Geez. Stressing right? Ergh.

And, to add some spice, I've got an attention from a guy. Teeettt...!!! hoho. I didn't start it okay. What ever it is, I think the game is: Wait and see. Just wait and see, dear. Of course I didn't talk to him because whenever he asked something, some one else will be so kind to answer it for me. Great, huh? haha. We shall see what's it gonna be after a month, shall we? huhu.

Whatever it is, my guess is: He's married, just like my ma'am. Why did I say that? Because my ma'am looks really young, and cute and just like teenagers but guess what? She had two kids. Walla! So, so far, that will be my guess. Just wait and see cuz the time will tell you secrets you didn't even think of to ask. hihi.

I was invited by my ma'am to join and watch her presenting in front of those big bosses for Anugerah Inovasi that they joined. I hope she'll be doing great, insya-Allah. That's all folks, let's go and get some sleep for  the sake of tomorrow. Hope tomorrow will be a bit joyful, amin ~

Cheerio! =)

Bored to death
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