Saturday, May 14, 2011

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With Allah’s love
Assalamualykum my dear

10:15 am
Lately, I saw things I don’t like very much to see but these are the reality of the world, so I don’t have a choice to say: PASS.

Last week two weeks, I saw a Chinese woman’s handbag snatched right in front of my eyes. I was in the car, on the other side of the road. My father was driving and he saw it first and stopped the car. At that time, I was thinking to jump out of the car and dash to them but then I thought, I can’t cuz it’ll be too late (as usual, they were riding motorcycle). So I tried to scan for the plat number but it’s not clear so I yelled to my brother to try to read it but he didn’t make it because he’s busy telling my father to drive the car and chase after those two criminals. We tried but of course, we didn’t make it. You know, motorist. At that time, I kind of cursing myself for not being able to help and still not feeling satisfied but then then, I had to admit, Allah showed me that situation as a reminder for myself, as if an education for my life.

1st: Be more careful and alert about my surroundings because no one can help me in that situation.
2nd: Do NOT walk or drive alone even though it’s daylight. Well, this is a very big problem to me.
3rd: Remember, no matter what I try to do, I AM a woman. My safety comes first before trying to help other people.

Okay, enough with that one. Then, last week, I saw so many accidents happened on the road. Day and night. Daylight, most of it between big size lorry and at night, sometimes bikes, sometimes cars. Well, I hate to watch this kind of unfortunate fate because they make me feel nausea and phobia.

Hmm. You guys and gals out there, please be more careful when you’re on the road. Love your soul please. Or at least, make sure you didn’t collapse in front of my car, okay? =)


Last night, my father told us (me, my sis, bro and mom) a story about camel on our way back home from Ipoh. Do you know why camels do not walk at night? It’s because they don’t sweat. Why? What’s the link? You see, when camels don’t sweat, their body temperature get higher. So, after walking and doing chores, and the temperature is high, they’ll automatically stop (which is at night) and rest to make sure the body heat dissolve in the air (at Saudi Arabia, the air is hot at day, but cold at night).

Amazing, isn’t it? I didn’t know about it before. Hehe.


Just now, I saw a couple of oldies crossing the road, Lebuh Downing (it is a very busy road) and alhamdulillah I saw a man and woman helped them. Hmm. This thing makes me thinking, will that situation happen to my parents? Hmm. O Allah, I pray with all my heart, please don’t let that happen to my parents. I know it’s impropriate to hope about their death but I do hope they’ll die before me so that I can take a look at them, do everything they need to do especially when it comes to dealing with this government matters what-so-ever so that they won’t be walking around like the oldies I saw. (The pak cik seems like a blind man because he holds a stick, and the mak cik is holding his hand. Both of them look old, really old and skinny.)

11:28 am

Well, guess what? From my window, I just saw a couple of foreigner. It is raining heavily out there. And they stopped to wear their rain coats. The guy was done and he was waiting for the lady. She’s smoking. While waiting, they (we) watched Chinese lady trying to get into her car, his husband was driving. She can’t get into the car because it was blocked by the lamp post and she didn’t want to get wet. So she asked her husband to move a bit but the passenger door at the back was already opened by her husband and he can’t reach to close it. So the foreigner guy helped him out. He’s laughing okay. Then, the car moved and that lady got into the car and woosh! They were gone. And then, that lady finished smoking. She threw away the cigarette butt BUT that guy took it and put it in the dustbin. Then he helped her to wear her rain coat. Sweet, right? Then, I watched them ride the scooter away. Hehe.

11:46 am

They finished their meeting. Hmm. WHAT A BORING LIFE ~


Nothing interesting right? that's my life lately but i'm still grateful i had a chance to been through all this.


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