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Just now I read about some important things and I do wanna share it with all of you readers. Please take a look at these links for a moment. I only copy half part of it so that it won’t take longer space in here. Have fun reading. =)


Save $100 a Week with These 22 Tips

**Just change the $ to RM =)
Buy a Water Filter
Purchasing bottled water hurts not only the environment but your wallet as well. According to the Learning Channel, a family of 4 can save up to $55 a week by making the switch from bottled water to water filters.
Take Advantage of Power Strips
You can cut down on your utility bill by unplugging your appliances when you aren't using them. Make the unplugging process easy by purchasing a power strip for your appliances.
Make Shopping and To-Do Lists
Make a list of everything you need before you shop. Make sure your list only consists of needs, not wants. Then, be sure to stick to your list. You can also use to-do lists to save a ton of time. By grouping together all your errands, you can get everything done in one trip, saving you valuable minutes and gas money.
Stay Away From "Foreign" ATMs
We've all done it: using our bank card at another bank's ATM to withdraw some extra cash. But every time we do this, we get hit with a wonderful little fee. Now, there is no reason not to use ATMs owned by your bank when apps like ATM Hunter can help you find the right ATM in seconds.


10 Things Your Boss Isn't Telling You

**Good for me too
1. You talk too much in meetings. Before you take up the group's time at the next meeting, ask yourself whether everyone there really needs to hear what you're about to say.
2. You're spending too much time on Facebook. You might think it doesn't impact your productivity, but most managers are sure it does. They don't want to see you logged into Facebook or other social networking sites when you're supposed to be focused on work.
3. You're too emotional. If you routinely get upset, offended, or angry, your boss might dread giving you critical feedback, to the point of avoiding it altogether--which will put you at a huge disadvantage. You want to know what you could be doing better, and you're more likely to hear it if you don't make it difficult for your boss to tell you.


10 Workout Mistakes You Probably Make

**This one special too my friends from Pencak Silat. Good luck!

Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough
Keeping yourself properly fueled is vital to a successful workout. Yvonne Castañeda, group exercise manager and private trainer for The Sports Club/LA in Miami, says that many times, when first embarking on a weight-loss journey, her clients skimp on meals. “Working out with little to no food in your system is like embarking on a 300-mile road trip with only a quarter-tank of gas,” she says. “Too often we make the mistake of thinking fewer calories will lead to optimal weight loss. But being properly fueled is essential to making the most of your training.” 
Solution: Eat a well-balanced snack that involves proteins and carbohydrates at least two hours before you hit the gym. Not sure what to eat? Try one of these healthy snacks to help you fuel up. Photo: Thinkstock

Mistake #2: Not Resting Enough 
Chris Sims, a private trainer at The Sports Club/LA in Miami, emphasizes the importance of rest. He says not resting or working out too hard can be a very dangerous mistake. “Overdoing this healthy outlet can be detrimental to your overall health," he says. "Working out seven days a week or even twice a day isn’t good for you—your body has to reach recovery mode in order to repair the muscles and help them develop.” If you overuse your muscles, you risk injury, loss of appetite and fatigue. 
Solution: Simple—get some rest! Working out three to four times a week is definitely sufficient when trying to meet your goals. On the days you don’t exercise, if you still want to be active, take the kids to the park, walk the dog or work in the garden. You can also maintain a healthy mindset by cooking nutritious meals for yourself. Photo: Shutterstock

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