Saturday, May 21, 2011

[ Pit pot Pit pot ~ ]

With Allah’s love
Assalamualykum my dear

Early in the morning

I was talking to the new student from Unisza (if I’m not mistaken) when a guy, a Chinese look guy came in and dashed inside. There’s something about this guy, I said to myself.

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10:00 am

I’m at Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang, waiting for students of Fatwa and Law from USIM. I was invited by my ma’am to join her and help her for the presentation. It was a very unusual scene for me when most of these higher officers of this department take part. Waw. These kids were very lucky okay.

By the way, that guy, the one I met when I was in Form 6 was there too. Well, he seems very different from that time. Dah tak hensem dah. Hoho. Once, he had a very innocent and religious looks but just now, hmm. No comment. It’s just different. Huhu.

1:00 pm

Just got back from Masjid Negeri. Menyampah betul ngan sorang tu. Menyakitkan hati. Huh! Wex!!!


Jumpa tiga buku yang berkaitan tajuk Latihan Ilmiah kat library sini. Great! Tak sabar nak salin menyalin sebanyak mungkin. Nak pinjam, tak boleh. Nak fotostet, tak tau refer tang mana. Library ni pun apa ja, sekadar tempat simpan buku. Bukan macam PTSL tu ha. Huhu.

2:10 pm

Start my work as usual. Ciao ~

Bye bye bye
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