Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Mother and Adopted Kitten

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
السلام عليكم

Yesterday was the weirdest day in my life. I saw too many weird hints and incidents. I may not want to tell each of them but still, there's one incident I want to share here. It's about a female monkey or I shall call it a mother, kidnapped a kitten. That kitten is a very small and seems like a newly born kitten.

At first, I was too busy walking with a speeding pace, through FSSK heading to FST. Suddenly, I saw one of my course mates standing in the crowd looking at something. I went closer to have a look at it. It's a female monkey, gripping a kitten. My first impression was, "Poor her, she must be missing her kid so much that she grip the kitten as if it's her kid."

But then I saw three guys, trying to grab that kitten away from her. I didn't have any idea why they did that. Then I thought, maybe they were afraid she might kill the kitten. Then, in a sudden, my course mate looked at my hand. I was holding my sweater at that time. I didn't wear it because it wasn't raining yet. Then he said, one of the guys need a cloth or something to rescue the kitten. Then, without hesitating, I gave him my sweater. I had no idea what I've done!

But it's okay because he didn't get the chance to use it against the monkey. It kept running away and making things went more difficult. But, it still holds the kitten tight to its chest as if trying to protect her kid from any harm. It really was a touching moment, although most of the ladies who was watching talked about how cruel the monkey was for kidnapping the kitten away from its mama.

After several attempts, those guys gave up and the one who got my sweater gave it back to me. Thank God I didn't have to clean up the monkey's fur. Of course, I was VERY late on my schedule that evening but it did gave me a little moment to take a breath and take a look at the power of the Creator for I’ve been too preoccupied with my ‘world’ lately that I almost forgot to perform the zikr to Him. [May You forgive me, my Lord.]

And today is my painful day. Almost all of my body parts are in pain. I had Silat practice last night starting at 10.45 pm till 1.30 am. It was exhausting! For the first time, I had to do pumping for 30 times, star jumping 100 times and I don’t’ know what they called this one step for 30 times. And not forgotten, sit up for 30 times but this one isn’t for the first time. I’ve been doing sit ups back when I was in secondary school. But still, I got the pain double for not doing it for a very long time. [Serves me right…lol]

Even though I got these pains, I'm not in regret because I learnt new skills last night. I learnt about Seni Tempur. It's quite interesting, you now. I love the concept used in this and also the steps. I can still remember them right now. It's different from the past when I was taught about Jurus Wajib. I can't even remember the whole first compilation of steps like I memorize this one. Maybe it’s because of my interest, I think.
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