Sunday, September 27, 2009

A VeRy NiCe BlOg


I dont know why but for today, I read two nice posts about L.O.V.E. from two nice blogs. I was really touched by one of the post from ErtiCinta.

Please, if you happen to have some time, do read the post entitle Awak,Saya sayang awak sangat-sangat...(ar-rijal).

Usually, if I note this kind of posts, I'll just pass but this one, I don't know why, attracts me to read along till the end. At the end, I know the reason and I'll just keep it for myself. Cuz each people have different thinking, so I just want you to read it through and think it on your own. [^^]

For the writer: Ganbatte kudasai-neh! More interesting posts I hope from you dearly. :)

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