Thursday, September 17, 2009


Bismillahirahmanirahim... Assalamualykum to all...

I'm typing this in the car, on my way to UNITAR to pick up my sis over there. I visited UIA today with my father. He had something to do about his job over there and I had the chance to have a look at my former friends' varsity. It's quit a charming and picturesque place. They had a very beautiful place to study in. I love the design of their buildings rather than my faculty building. Looking at the building gave me extra strength to continue my study if I was there, I guess. But still, there're no other places like UKM. ^^

Last night, ny cat delivered her babies. There're four of them. And I still feel dizzy and need time to control myself from vomiting in this car. That cat delivered two of her babies in front of my eyes! Gosh! I'm not the person who you can ask for help when it comes to this bloody things. Oh God..!! I can't remove the "bloody" moments from my head! Help me, oh God, help me. Excuse me please, I need to go...

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