Monday, September 7, 2009

My Cuties...!!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

Hmm.. Today, there're two stories I wanna share but actually lots of them but... It's okay. I'll try to pick the best to post.

Firstly, this is kinda flash back story. This evening, when I put the syampoo on my palm, accidentally  a bubble created and it floated in front of me. Well, looking at the bubble reminds me of myself long ago. How I love to play with bubbles without getting bored. In fact, I used to play with bubbles to release my stress. It was almost PMR  trial week, and I was getting stressed for recieving too much pressure from teachers and of course, my parents. Then, in a sudden, a bubble flash through my mind and immediately I asked for a friend to buy a bottle of 'Bubbles' from a nearby shop.

That night, ignoring any boys and girls who looked at me strangely, I played with lots and lots of bubbles around me in front of my classroom [There's a mini-garden there, you know.] I played for a very long time, I guess. Then, one after another, my friends came and joined me. [lol] That was a very happy moment and it did gave me a bit release from the pressure. [Ahh... How I missed those times.]

Secondly, my dearie bro text me and he told me about our new family members, the cutie-kittens..! They were born three weeks before I got into UKM. Gosh, I really wanna see their pictures he gonna send me tomorrow, insya-Allah via YM!. Well, he told me he was in a delimma to think of a name for two of the kittens. He called them 'Chip and Dell'..! [lol] What a cute name..! [I love it!]

He said both of them have same colours, so he didn't know which one to call Chip, and which one to call Dell. I told him to call one of it Dell if it is a female [Dell for Delia] but then he replied that both of them are male, just like in the cartoons! [lol] Well, then he decided to call the skinny one Chip and the other one, which happen to be a bit fatter than Chip, with Dell; according to the real cartoon.

Geez... I really wanna see their pictures so much. They must be VERY CUTE..!! [aaaaaaa.....hhhhh....!] Can't wait to be back to see them playing and running around, all over the place chasing each other. Oh my God! So cute...!!!

K  A  W  A  I  -  D  E  S  U  -  N  E  H  .  .  .  !  !  !

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