Sunday, August 28, 2011

[ Is That It? ]

With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum my dear

Is that it? Annoy? Is that what you've been thinking all this time?
Dear, can't you at least listen to what I said clearly?
I just wanna know why, and you've said it yourself you didn't remember that moment. So it's okay. What else I can say if you can't remember bout it at all.


Well, I thought I could just at least let myself to give it another try. Because I don't wanna lose another good friend in my life. All of them before, they gave up on me when I tried to untie all the knots and make myself clear of everything, like I did to you. And now, what? You're just like them? That's it?

Annoying? Is that the reason why you keep yourself silent all this time?

Okay, yeah. Ask for the thousands time, the answer is one, I forgive you for what you did.

Annoying? Is that why you always say you're sorry even though you didn't know what you did? Is that why you've become like this? Why didn't you just ask?

If you think you're annoying, you were. At that time. When I post it, you were. Because you didn't even ask why did I post it. You didn't even ask what you've done that makes me so hurt.

You were annoying, but who cares? You are a human, not some kind of angel. You don't have to become so goody in front of me, just be yourself. And if it hurts me, so what? We could just fix it, knowing what's wrong, what had happened. That's what a life called, right? Same goes to me. If I did something that hurt you, just tell me so I'll know what's wrong.

I don't get it. Annoying? So what if you're too annoying? You are who you are, that's how I know you for the first time too, right? *Sigh*

Dear Cleo
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